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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
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Residential Wind Energy Systems Get The “Green” Light In Las Vegas


The Las Vegas City Council approved the use of small wind energy systems in certain residential zoning districts today. This new bill is one of many measures the city of Las Vegas has adopted to encourage energy conservation, sustainable development and “green” building practices.

With small wind energy systems, homeowners can reduce their dependency on conventional, non-renewable utility power as well as do their part to improve air quality and the environment. 

“The city is proud to do its part to move our community, state and country towards energy independence and improving our environment and air quality,” Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman said. “Our ‘world class city’ must also be a world leader in sustainable development and renewable energy.”

“Small wind energy system” means a wind energy conversion system consisting of a wind turbine, a tower and associated control or conversion electronics, which has a rated capacity of not more than 100kW. Small wind energy systems will be allowed as a conditional use in certain residential districts zoned R-A, R-E and R-D. 

During its last session, the Nevada Legislature adopted provisions to encourage the development and use of wind energy systems and this bill enables its implementation within the city.  

For more information on the zoning rules and the approval process for small wind energy systems, please contact the Planning & Development Department at (702) 229-6301. 


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