Appeal Your Parking Ticket

You may request to appeal your parking ticket in one of the three ways listed below. 
* If your appeal is for a ticket involving Registration Not Displayed or a Handicap infraction, please contact our office first to see if you qualify for any administrative reductions before you file your appeal.

Non-Appearance Appeals

  • You are not required to be present at the Parking Services Office to submit your appeal form.Submit your written appeal either online, by fax or email.  Include ALL evidence and a copy of your photo ID.
  • Notification of decision is by USPS first class mail and email if you wish.
  • Do NOT complete an appeal online or by fax/email if you wish to be present for the Appeal.
  1. Submit a Non-Appearance Appeal online.  Click here.
  2. Submit a Non-Appearance Appeal via fax or email. Download form

Appearance Appeals

  • You are required to be present at the Parking Services Office to submit your form, including any evidence you wish to provide, and your photo ID. You will be provided a hearing date and time.
  • If you fail to appear on your hearing date, a decision will be made based on the information supplied on your request form.
  • Notification of decision is provided at your hearing date.
  1. Submit an Appearance Appeal

Contact Information

Parking Tickets & Hearings
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Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 229-4700
TTY: (702) 386-9108
Fax: (702) 382-2309

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