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On June 18, 2014 the Las Vegas City Council updated the Las Vegas Municipal Code (Ordinance Number 6329) to increase civil penalties for violations of LVMC 6.50, clarifying that the director may suspend an alcoholic beverage license on an administrative basis under certain circumstances and adding a new condition to clarify that a licensee’s violation, or knowingly permitting an employee to violate a condition of an alcoholic beverage license, is a misdemeanor.  The update also creates a zone in the downtown area where the consumption of alcoholic beverages in glass or metal containers is prohibited and the possession of open alcoholic beverages in original packaging is prohibited.  The update also requires that alcoholic beverages bought at a package liquor or off-sale establishment within the pedestrian mall be placed in a bag prior to the customer leaving the establishment.


  • Growlers – Definition:  Oversized glass and ceramic beer jugs or metal jugs (serving vessel that is colored glass or double walled/insulated stainless are highly recommended to save the integrity of the brew) that can be filled with craft brew beer or cider available on tap from a growler brew station and are capped and sealed for transport to be taken off-premise for consumption.
  • Growler Brew Station:  The physical location where the brewed beer or cider is located on tap.  Growlers may only be filled from a “Growler Brew Station” by the licensee or the licensee’s employee(s).  The station must have hand washing and sterilization equipment approved and permitted by Southern Nevada Health District located physically adjacent to the growler brew station.
  • Growler sizes:  32 fluid ounce and 64 fluid ounce glass containers are most common but cannot exceed 1 fluid gallon.
  • Growler service:  No self-service allowed.  Customers cannot fill the growler container(s).  Glass or Metal Containers (jugs) must be filled by the licensee or the licensee’s employee(s) who have all three cards (Sheriff’s Card, AA Card, and Health Card) in their possession on premise of the establishment.
  • Labels:  Craft Beer or Cider Kegs/Distribution Containers located in the Growler Brew Station area must be labeled with: 
    Name and location of the manufacturer (city and state) and bottler if different.
    Name of beer or cider in the container.
    Alcohol content.
    Net content of the container.


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