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Electioneering / Campaigning

Nevada Revised Statutes sections 293C.3572, 293C.361 and 293.740 govern campaigning and electioneering. The rules differ for early voting and Election Day:  

Early Voting: 

  • If the voting site is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY (mall, supermarket, etc.), electioneering is not allowed on the owner’s property without the owner’s permission (NRS 293C.3572).
  • If the voting site is located on PUBLIC PROPERTY, electioneering is not allowed within 100 feet of the voting area (NRS 293C.361).

Election Day:   
Electioneering is not allowed within 100 feet of the entrance to the building or structure in which a polling place is located (NRS 293.740).

Definition: NRS 293.740 defines electioneering as campaigning for or against a candidate, ballot question or political party by:

  • Posting signs.
  • Distributing literature.
  • Using loudspeakers.
  • Buying, selling, wearing or displaying any badge, button or other insignia. A person may wear political insignia while voting only if he or she is reasonably unable to remove or cover it.
  • Polling or soliciting from a voter information as to how the voter intends to vote or has voted.
  • Soliciting signatures of any kind.

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