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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do fines escalate on parking citations?  Fines are due within 30 days from the date of issue.  If the payment is not paid in full by the 30 days, the ticket will assess the first penalty, which is the same amount of the fine.  If the ticket is not paid in full including all penalties by 45 days from the date of issue, the ticket will assess the second penalty, which is the same amount of the original fine.   Example:  $20 fine, if paid after 30 days $40 is due, if paid after 45 days $60 is due.

  2. What if I don't agree with my citation and want to appeal? A person who receives a citation for a parking violation from the city of Las Vegas is given the opportunity to respond by contacting the Parking Services Office as part of an administrative review process.  If you disagree with the Administrative Review decision, the Municipal Code allows for a formal Appeal Process with the assigned Hearing Officer. Appeal Request Forms may be found on our website and can be submitted through either an In-Person Appeal request or a Non-Appearance Appeal request.  If the person appealing is not the registered owner of the vehicle, we will require acknowledgement and authorization from the registered owner to proceed with the appeal.

  3. What if I don't pay my citation(s)?  If the citation is not paid, fines could increase up to triple the amount of the original fine.  Refer to question #1.  After 90 days, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified of outstanding citations which, will result in a suspension hold of the vehicle’s registration until full payment is made. If you have a hold on your registration and pay your citation on-line, your DMV hold release may take up to 48 hours. Contact our office to ensure the DMV registration hold has been released.

  4. I received a parking citation on a rental car while visiting Las Vegas, am I still responsible? Yes, however, notification will be sent to the Rental Car agency as legal registered owner.  As a renter, your agreement with the Rental Company holds you responsible for any citations so if the ticket goes unpaid, the Rental Company may choose to pay the citation and bill you for the amount of the citation plus their administrative fees.  The only citation you are not liable for is any Unregistered Vehicle citations.

  5. I was not operating my vehicle when the citation was issued.  Am I still responsible?  Yes, the registered owner of the vehicle is ultimately responsible for payment of a parking citation.

  6. I received a ticket for Handicap Parking, but I have a valid Handicap placard issued, am I still responsible?  If you can provide us a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of your valid handicap placard that was active/valid at the time of the citation, you may be eligible for a fine reduction.  Please contact our office for additional instructions.

  7. I received a ticket for Registration Not Displayed, but my vehicle was registered, am I still responsible?  If your vehicle was registered or had a valid temporary moving permit issued prior to the date of the citation, but was not properly displayed on your windshield or the decal sticker was not properly displayed on your rear license plate, please provide a copy of these documents and the fine will be administratively reduced to a $25 failure to properly display fee.


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