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City of Las Vegas
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About Us

Las Vegas City Hall

We've moved!

City Hall has moved to 495 S. Main St. This is located on Main street between Bonneville and Clark avenues. 

Department Locations
Administrative Services - 7th floor
City Clerk – 2nd floor
City Attorney’s Office – 6th floor
City Auditor – 6th floor
City Manager – 7th floor
Communications – 7th floor
Cultural Affairs – 4th floor
Human Resources – 1st floor
Economic & Urban Development – 6th floor
Finance – 4th floor
Information Technologies – 5th floor
KCLV – 1st floor
Mayor & City Council – 7th floor
Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services – 5th floor
Purchasing & Contracts - 3rd floor
Sewer Bill Payments – 4th floor

Building & Safety, Business Licensing, Operations & Maintenance, Planning, Public Works and Fire Prevention,
are located at the Development Services Center,333 N. Rancho Drive.

Public Meetings
City Council and Planning Commission meetings now take place at the new City Hall, 495 S. Main St.
Public notice of relocation  

Directions & Parking
From the west side of the previous City Hall public parking garage, turn right on Fourth Street, turn left on Stewart Avenue (going west) and turn left (south) on Main Street. The parking garage is located on the west side of Main Street between Bonneville and Clark. It is located at 500 Main St. Visitors will receive a ticket upon entering the garage. Please bring the ticket into City Hall as the first two hours of parking are free with validation - see city staff for assistance. Before leaving the facility, payment should be made by visiting one of the payment machines located on the ground floor by the elevators. Payment machines accept cash and Visa/MasterCard debit and credit cards. Once the parking fee has been paid, the ticket will be returned and will need to be used to exit the garage. Parking rates are as follows:

 Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  **First two hours are free with a validation. ** Bring parking ticket into City Hall for validation
 0 - 10 minutes  Grace period - no charge
 Every 30 minutes  $.75
 Daily maximum  $9 (6 hours at $1.50 /hr)
 Lost ticket  $9
 Evenings / weekends  $3 flat rate

Public Contract Parkng
Prepaid Card:  $5 per day
Monthly Access: $60/month

Parking for Official Meetings
Free with a validation

Proposed Sale of Existing City Hall
Economic Stimulus and Job Creation
Continued Downtown Redevelopment

Environmentally Friendly Design

On Dec. 2, 2009, the Las Vegas City Council approved plans to move forward with the  financing of a new City Hall, a project that would boost the economy through job creation as part of the city’s economic stimulus plan.

The new City Hall, located downtown between First and Main Streets and Lewis and Clark Avenues, is two blocks south of the Golden Nugget hotel-casino. It is also near the Bonneville Transit Center. The project has been an integral part of a broader downtown redevelopment plan that has created thousands of jobs, stimulated private investment and generated millions in new tax revenue to the city. 

New City Hall Fact Sheet
New City Hall Frequently Asked Questions
Press Release On The Appoval Of Financing For A New Las Vegas City Hall
City Hall Project Supporters
Public / Private Partnership with Forest City / LiveWork - Executive Summary
Forest City Comments On Officially Executive Development Agreement For New City Hall
Forest City Moves Forward With Demolitions To Make Way For New Five Block Development To Be Anchored By New City Hall
Topping Off Ceremony For New City Hall Set For Friday, Oct. 15

The new City Hall was financed through Certificates of Participation that are backed by Build America Bonds. Build America Bonds, which were created as part of federal economic stimulus legislation, allowed the city to finance the project at a lower effective tax rate, a benefit for both the city and investors.

The city of Las Vegas announced its intention to sell $185 million in bonds, of which a majority are Build America Bonds, to finance the new City Hall. The bonds were sold through an underwriting team to institutional investors at an average interest rate of 5.26 percent.

The state and the Debt Management Commission allowed the city to finance up to $267 million for the new City Hall project.  However, construction costs were estimated at $146 million, with total costs including financing, interest, closing costs, etc. coming to $185 million.

By building the new City Hall when the city did, it took advantage of the current economy and avoided increases in future construction costs.

City Hall Financing Summary
Presentation to City Council Regarding City Hall Financing Feasibility - July 1, 2009 / Watch the Presentation

Sale of Existing City Hall
The Resort Gaming Group (RGG), wholly owned by founder and CEO Andrew Donner, made an unsolicited offer to the city of Las Vegas to buy the existing City Hall site and about seven surrounding acres with the intent of developing it as a corporate campus for Zappos.com, Inc. The City Council approved the deal on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010. The move is expected to bring 1,000 jobs into the downtown area. Now that city workers have relocated into the new City Hall,  construction has begun on the old City Hall converting it into the new headquarters for Zappos.com. 

Zappos Moving To Downtown Las Vegas
Presentation to City Council Regarding Purchase of Existing City Hall - Dec. 1, 2010 / Watch the Presentation

Economic Stimulus And Job Creation

The new City Hall is the lynchpin in a downtown redevelopment plan that will create thousands of jobs, bring billions in private investment and millions in new tax revenue to the city. City Hall is the catalyst for four major mixed-use redevelopment projects that will bring 13,441 new permanent jobs to the city of Las Vegas, $4.1 billion in private investment and $16 to $20 million in new tax revenue. The projects will also bring thousands of construction jobs to the city.

The new City Hall anchors a five-block development of new office and retail offerings that includes the Bonneville Transit Center. This development is close to the Regional Justice Center and the Clark County Government Center in an office district.

New City Hall Creates New Jobs

Continued Downtown Redevelopment
Moving forward with the new City Hall project allows for other redevelopment projects to occur:

  1. By building the new City Hall, the existing City Hall site and adjacent lands (approximately 20 acres) can be purchased and redeveloped by a private developer for various commercial uses.
  2. Forest City Enterprises which currently owns the 2.7 acres where the new City Hall will be built will exchange this land and receive Parcel P-Q in Symphony Park for a future casino/hotel.
  3. Concurrently, the six city-owned acres to the west of the existing City Hall will be developed for the new Mob Museum, hotels and retail that will benefit from the potential new live district and arena next door.
  4. The Regional Transportation Commissioned recently opened the new 20,000-square-foot  Bonneville Transit Center. Along with City Hall, it will serve as one of the anchors for a five-block, multiuse project that will also include office and retail space.

Environmentally Friendly Design
The new City Hall is an energy efficient structures that is built to LEED® standards, reducing energy costs by more than $500,000 annually. In addition, the construction helped to avoid a $1.5 million new equipment investment at the previous City Hall to improve energy efficiency. The new City Hall also reduces CO2 emissions by 2,348 metric tons from the current facility’s emissions level.

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