March 2008 

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City Recognized For Sustainability Efforts

It’s not very often that you get money back from the power company, but that’s exactly what the city got. The city of Las Vegas recently received a $25,961.40 rebate check from Nevada Power for its use of energy-saving design at the Centennial Hills Community Center.
The building is part of Nevada Power Company’s Sure Bet Program , which provides incentive rebates to assist with the inclusion of energy conservation design features and equipment. The community center uses energy efficient lighting and also makes use of natural light to cut power usage.

The 98,385 square-foot center was built to consume less energy over its lifetime. Specifically, the center uses between 30 and 50 percent less energy than a building its size traditionally would.
The center was recognized as one of the best in the world recently when it won a World Leadership Award  for the Sports and Leisure category. The sustainable features of the center played a major role in gaining this prestigious recognition over dozens of entries from around the world, including the other finalists Lagos, Nigeria and Lima, Peru.

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