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  • Police say people feel more safe in their neighborhoods when they know and communicate with their neighbors.  We will tell you about, a new social media outlet that can help your neighborhood unite and tell you how the city of Las Vegas is now on board to  help you feel safe.
  • The Mountain Ridge baseball team returned to Las Vegas from the Little League World Series to a very deserving heroes welcome.  Join them as City Hall and the entire Las Vegas Strip turn out to let them know how proud they made their city.
  • Every September, Las Vegas emergency workers remind residents to make an emergency kit for their home.  This year the message was delivered in fun way with professional chefs and a lot of government leaders competing to see who could create the best tasting dishes out of canned goods and dried foods.

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  • Residents in one Ward Three neighborhood are happy welcome some new neighbors.  They are the men and women of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.  We will take you to the opening ceremonies for the new Fire Station 108 and tell you why this new station is particularly special.
  • The city of Las Vegas is a national leader when it comes to our sustainability initiatives and accomplishments.  Just as the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  They awarded us with a national Climate Protection award.  The award comes with a hefty check.  Find out how much the city was awarded and what they are doing with the money.
  • Do you have a talent or hobby you’d like to share.  You might be the perfect candidate to teach or volunteer in one of our senior or community centers.  Find out the perks of being an instructor for the city of Las Vegas.

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