City Scene logoDescription: This program goes behind the scenes of your city government at work, interviewing city staffers and partnership representatives about services and programs of benefit to you. New episodes of Las Vegas City Scene begin at 5:30 p.m. on the first Saturday of each month.

Host: Melissa Duran  Length: 30 minutes

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This month on City Scene, we take a closer look at two new city ordinances that crack down on short-term rentals and unruly gatherings.   Learn what is now required in order to operate vacation homes in the City of Las Vegas.  We are also giving you some tips on how to report any unruly parties in your neighborhood.
Also, we are sitting down for a one-on-one conversation with Sheriff-elect Joe Lombardo, who is just a few weeks away from taking office.  We touch on a number of topics including the use of body-worn cameras, dealing with more brazen criminals and his vision for Downtown Las Vegas.
And finally, we will introduce you to a new program through the City Marshals that gives those with outstanding traffic warrants a chance to stay out of jail and keep on the right path.

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This month on City Scene, downtown area schools benefit from the Las Vegas Downtown Achieves Program, a collective movement to end poverty and promote academic success in our downtown schools.  We show you how the program is transforming lives.

Also, a new parking APP you can download directly to your phone, making finding a parking spot downtown, that much easier.  We show you how the free APP ParkMe works.

And-we give you tips on staying healthy.  Our own City of Las Vegas wellness coach offers advice on exercise and nutrition as the flu season approaches.

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Phone: (702) 229-2222

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