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On this month’s Las Vegas City Scene, we will help you understand the meaning of New Markets Tax Credits. It’s gap funding that has helped supplement the cost of renovating the Historic Westside School.  We are joined by the city’s Director of Economic and Urban Development who explains how this funding can help start projects in lower income areas.  He also explains how much funding is left and available for future projects.

Plus, every time you gas up your car, you’re helping pay for road construction projects all over Las Vegas.  We’ll tell you how fuel revenue indexing is improving our city’s infrastructure, including some updates on completion dates.  Also, it’s more than just road construction, fuel revenue indexing is creating thousands of jobs.  The city’s transportation manager will help explain.

Finally, do you know what to do during an active shooter situation?  How about a natural disaster?  We sit down with the city’s emergency manager who has some great tips on how to protect you and your family if disaster were to strike.

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The transition back into civilian life is not an easy one for veterans who have spent years fighting for our country, but the city of Las Vegas is helping. This month on Las Vegas City Scene, we show you how the city is linking veterans to city jobs, and how we give them the help they need to succeed. Plus, we’re taking a deeper look at the issue of animal hoarding.  It’s an issue that affects every portion of the valley and the city of Las Vegas is no exception.  The Animal Foundation’s executive director Christine Robinson gives some insight into how these cases affect Lied Animal Shelter. She also gives us a look into major changes coming to the shelter, including improving euthanasia rates.

And-a new year means new goals.  While getting in shape is typically at the top of our list, there’s an app that will help you explore the city’s hiking and biking trails.

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