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Join host Chris Saldana for City Scene. 

A new Cinema Tax Incentive is expected to bring more movie productions to Nevada and Las Vegas.  We talk with State Senator Aaron Ford and Chris Ramirez of Silver State Production Services.  Senator Ford was instrumental in making this tax incentive a reality.  He and Chris Ramirez talk about the millions of dollars and the thousands of jobs that can be generated now that Nevada will no longer  be losing movie productions to other states.

And, did you know that at one time giant wooly mammoths and sloths roamed what is now Las Vegas?   No, it wasn’t another themed casino.  It was real and now an area in the  Northwest part of our city is being preserved to protect the many fossils that have been discovered there.  We talk with Lynn Davis of the National Parks Conservation Association about how that area is likely to become a National Monument and what that could mean to Las Vegas tourism.

Original air date: Feb. 8, 2014

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Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services - Community Resources Manager Brian Knudsen introduces the  city’s Downtown Achieves Initiative, from its inception through a recent community summit to fully implement this important program.

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Original air date: Nov. 2, 2013



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