Aug. 27, 2010 

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed your summer and you are ready for another great school year! The city offers many opportunities for students, teachers, young leaders, and neighborhood organizations to prepare for the new school year and make a difference in our community.  

To help you get ready for back to school, Edmond Town Center invites all of you to a back-to-school "bargain blitz" from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 29, at the shopping center. There will be free food, ice cream and entertainment. Paticipating stores include dd's Department Stores, Amaya's Beauty Supply & Salon, Rainbow Clothing Stores, Executive Cuts Barber Shop, Buy Low Supermarket, Urban Wear, G Mart and Urban Wear. There will be store specials, $100 gift certificates raffled every hour and more.

Call (702) 562-6397 to learn how you can go back to school so fresh and so clean! For more information, view the flyer.

If you are looking for a way to volunteer to help our commuunity, the city is currently accepting grant applications for two programs that are available through the Neighborhood Services Department.

As part of the Youth Neighborhood Association Partnership Program (YNAPP), the city is offering grants of up to $1,000 for young people to create and implement neighborhood-based service learning projects of their own design. Schools, school classes, churches, community and civic groups that are youth driven are encouraged to apply.

The city is also accepting applications for Parents As Learning Support (PALS) grants from local elementary schools in the city of Las Vegas. PALS matching funds grants are designed to develop effective partnerships with parents and school staff, as they work together to identify and address the needs of their schools and the children they serve. Using PALS funding, schools and parents can bring resources, training and tools to their school community, to turn their schools into nurturing environments for children and families to grow and learn in the classroom and beyond school hours.

Applications for both grants will be accepted through Oct. 25, 2010.

YNAPP is designed to use the gifts and talents of young people while helping them grow into community leaders. The program challenges youth to take stock of their community, identify a community need or issue, and then develop a project to address that need, with the assistance of YNAPP funding provided by the city of Las Vegas
Projects have ranged from neighborhood tutoring projects, to care packages for the homeless, to music CDs and plays discussing youth issues, and beautification projects.

Grants are available for projects that are developed and implemented by youth with adults serving as advisors, address a neighborhood need, occur within Las Vegas city limits, match grant funds with volunteer labor and/or donations, and partner with a neighborhood association located in city limits. City staff can assist with locating a nearby neighborhood association.

PALS matching grants support strategies that establish parents and school staff as partners in defining and addressing student needs, identifying ways to involve parents in school activities, advancing student achievement, and creating a support system of families, school staff and community leaders as they take responsibility for the safety and well-being of all students attending their school.

For more information regarding the grant programs and how to obtain grant applications, please contact YNAPP Coordinator Lisa Campbell at (702) 229-5406 or email her at These dollars may not be available next year so feel free to contact my office for ideas on projects these grants would cover.

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