Looking for KCLV Channel 2?

Cox Communications has moved KCLV Channel 2 to the “advanced tier,” which may affect your ability to view the channel. If you are a Cox TV customer and have a ….

  • TV with a cable / DVR box -  you are unaffected and will continue to find KCLV on Channel 2.
  • Newer digital TV -  you will find KCLV on Channel 89.5. You many need to pinpoint that location on your TV. Using the TV’s remote, look through the menu and find “scan all digital channels.” This will take a few minutes. Once completed KCLV will be at 89.5. 
  • Older TV -  you must obtain a converter box from Cox Communications to access KCLV. They can be reached at (702) 383-4000.

Questions about this move should be directed to Cox Communications at (702) 383-4000.

Century Link customers are not impacted by this change.