City Report Card

A world-class city like Las Vegas is full of excitement and activities, but among all the fun is a serious place where people choose not only to play, but to live as well. The city of Las Vegas is charged with creating a place where individuals feel safe, have sufficient business opportunities and are connected to their community, among other things. This is is a tough job and with everything going on it is sometimes hard to stop and reflect on how well the city is meeting the expectations of its citizens.

The Las Vegas City Council created priorities that provide a vision for the entire city including residents, businesses, visitors and employees. These priorities are wide reaching and include those things which make Las Vegas a world-class city.

Measurements were developed for each of these priorities that will help the city tell the story as to how it’s doing. This city“report card” was developed to provide a snapshot into the city’s performance. While many of these measurements have data to help paint a picture, some are new and there is no data to measure yet. For those measurements without data, baseline information has been or is currently being gathered and will be compared to data gathered in future years.

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