Every candidate for state, district, county, city or township office shall open and maintain a separate account in a financial institution for the deposit of any campaign contributions, within one week of receiving a minimum of $100.00. The candidate shall not commingle the money in the account with money collected for other purposes. (NRS 294A.130)

In accordance with NRS 294A.360, every candidate for city office at an election shall comply with campaign contributions and expenses reporting.  Every candidate must file both reports even though he or she: (A) Received contributions in excess of $100; (B) Contributions remaining from their last campaign (unspent contributions); (C) Filed a declaration of candidacy; (D) Filed an acceptance of candidacy; or (E) Their name appears on a ballot at any election.  Additionally, pursuant to NRS 294A.362, in kind contributions must be reported separately. A form is available with the Contribution and Expenses Report Form for that purpose.

If a candidate withdraws they may file all required reports at one time with the appropriate filing officer (NRS 294A.350; NAC 294A.045).

You must file your Nevada Contributions and Expenses Reports with the Secretary of State online at [NRS 294A.200(6)].  The due dates for contributions and expenses reports are:

Report #1 — Due March 8, 2012
Period: February 22, 2012 — March 3, 2012

Report #2 — Due April 19, 2012
Period: March 4, 2012 — March 20, 2012

NEVADA STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE – Filed online with the Secretary of State
Nevada law requires a candidate for public office to file electronically a Statement of Financial Disclosure with the Secretary of State at  This statement is due 10 days after the last day to file a declaration of candidacy, which is March 5, 2012 (The filing date by law is Saturday March 3, 2012, but as this day falls on a Saturday, NRS 293.1275 moves the filing date to the next business day).  Additionally, if you are elected to office you will have to file a Statement of Financial Disclosure January 15th of each year you hold office including the last year of your term. Filing is via an online interactive form found at

A candidate for public office or public officer who fails to file a Financial Disclosure Statement in a timely manner pursuant to NRS 281A.610 is subject to a civil penalty and payment of court costs and attorney’s fees.  Knowingly filing a Financial Disclosure Statement containing false or misleading information is a gross misdemeanor (NRS 197.130).

We suggest you print a copy of your completed online form to be retained for your file.