March 29, 2012 

If you know students in search of scholarships, have them check for plenty of available 2012 scholarships for students of all ages and backgrounds.

I encourage women to take advantage of the free Women's Day Celebration this Saturday, March 31, at the West Las Vegas Arts Center.  See all the details here.

Readers of all ages are invited to experience free digital downloading of audiobooks, eBooks, music and videos through interactive demonstrations March 30-31 at the Digital Bookmobile event at the Windmill Library. See the details for this event, my April 5 Coffee with the Councilman, and more activities on my Web page.  

Items of particular interest to Ward 5 residents on the agenda for the April 4 City Council meeting are listed here, with links to supporting documentation.  I invite residents to participate in the meetings by attending, watching on KCLV-TV Cable Channel 2, or viewing online.

The city has received numerous complaints from "snowbirds," constituents who come from colder climates and spend their winters here to enjoy the warm Southern Nevada weather. On occasion, these snowbirds have been cited by the Constable's Office for not registering their out-of-state vehicles within 30 days. The Constable's Office is a separate entity not affiliated with the city of Las Vegas, but we have been receiving calls. We have worked closely with members of the Nevada Legislature to see that this issue is resolved. As a result, the Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau has issued an opinion that says state law does not require snowbirds to register their out-of-state vehicles in Nevada, unless they become Nevada residents. As such, constables will no longer be citing snowbirds for not having Nevada license plates. If this problem persists, please be sure to contact the Constable's Office at 455-3404.

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