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Nov 03, 2022

Gone are the days of noisy kiosks in the neighborhood mall. There is a more Zen option to get your ears pierced in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. It’s La Linea Body Art, a full service piercing and tattoo studio. As soon as you walk through the door you are greeted by the natural light streaming through the windows, and the modern black and white wall art and glistening glass cases filled with handmade jewelry.

“It is very intentional,” co-owner Lani Soleil said. “We wanted to create a space that was different than the normal tattoo, piercing experience where you walk in and it can sometimes be very chaotic. Because people are coming in here to experience a level of pain, we feel like if you give them a relaxed experience, they tend to handle it a little bit better.”

Relaxation is only one of their goals. Customer service is a top priority as is cleanliness. As members of the Association of Professional Piercers, they go above and beyond sanitation guidelines required by many states. That is something customer Rachael Kodya noticed immediately. A registered nurse, Rachael says knowing a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation is followed is one of the features that brought her to the shop.

“It was awesome.” Kodya said. “The piercers are really knowledgeable. I work in healthcare so hearing their process, how they sterilize everything was amazing. I felt very safe and in a good environment.”

The owners have recently expanded the business to include a large, private studio where they now see tattoo clients by appointment only. Nico Roussin, co-owner of La Linea and a tattoo artist says while they still do smaller tattoos in the Commerce Street studio, the new expansion is for more elaborate requests.

“In this stage of my career I’m only focusing on large projects,” Roussin said. “Full sleeve, back art, mostly that kind of thing. This private studio is essentially a more common thing when it comes to tattoos.”

It is so private in fact, clients are not even given the location of the tattoo studio until after they make their appointment.

So whether you are looking for a tattoo, a piercing or a new piece of handmade jewelry, check out La Linea Body Art studio. You may drop in and take a look at the shop at 1331 S. Commerce St. but you will need an appointment for any of their services. Visit LaLineaBodyArt.com.

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