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Nov 02, 2022

New businesses are common in the vibrant 18b Las Vegas Arts District and Akin Cooperative is just one of the latest stores to open. Akin is a local retail co-op that offers a space for small business owners to collaborate and sell their products.

“We’re rooted in community, love, and family” said small business owner, Billie Miller. “We are one big happy family here at the co-op.”

Miller is just one of the many small business owners to feature products at Akin. She creates all-natural bath, body and hair items. Miller, like many of the other small business owners, pours her heart into her products.

There are about 30 local makers that utilize the space at Akin, offering clothing, vintage items, ceramics, candles, jewelry, art and body care. At Akin you’ll see a mix of goods that are locally curated and handmade.

Hannah Lee, another local maker utilizing the space at Akin, sells a variety of unique handmade jewelry pieces.

“Coming in here and having the ability to sell my stuff in person, in a real store, is amazing,” Lee said. “I hope to have a store of my own one day, however this is awesome and I’m so thankful.”

Akin evolved from Market in the Alley, an open-air space near Fergusons Downtown where local makers come together to feature their arts, crafts and more. Now, thanks to local entrepreneur and cheerleader for small business owners, Jen Taler, makers have a permanent place to showcase their eclectic collections.

“The exposure, the engagement and the excitement has been unreal, and we’re just going into the holiday season and I’m excited,” Taler said.

Along with taking home some unique items, while you’re at Akin you may run into some of the local Las Vegas makers who offer workshops and information on their products.

“You get to meet the makers and then a lot of times you get to engage with them,” Taler said. “You learn about their passions, skillset and everything they are doing.”

Akin is located at 1325 S. Commerce St. For more information on Akin Cooperative, you can go to their website at Akincooperative.com.

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