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Hundred Plan Community Meeting Q&A

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There’s a growing call in the City of Las Vegas to demilitarize the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after the police brutality that has harmed protestors, and claimed the lives of Jorge Gomez, Sharmel Edwards, Byron Williams, Rafael Olivas, Junior Lopez, Tashii Brown Farmer, and more. Can funds be divested from the LVMPD and invested into the Historic Westside’s community programs and resources?
The City is currently working with departments and leaders from across the City to support the implementation of the HUNDRED Plan in the Historic Westside, recognizing it will take not only financial resources, but leadership and policy support to address long-standing inequities in this community. We believe we have made great progress with and in the community, by letting the community lead and direct on their highest areas of immediate need, and their long-term vision. We will continue to explore where best to find resources and partnerships to deliver on the ideas set forth in the HUNDRED Plan.
The zoning map shown tonight does not include several Black neighborhoods and Black-owned businesses associated with the Historic Westside Neighborhood. It crops out people west of Martin Luther King Blvd. How will you ensure that all of the area’s residents are taken into account with this plan?
This particular planning effort is only focused on the Historic Westside boundaries – the core historic neighborhood area. There are other efforts – such as the West Las Vegas Plan – that explore the surrounding neighborhoods, planning adjustments to be made and other programs and projects to be explored.
Specifically, how will the “anti-displacement strategies” in Phase 1 of the HUNDRED Plan document be implemented to safeguard vulnerable residents against gentrification?
We recognize this as an important piece of work for this community, and that our efforts to invest in the community need to come with strategies to ensure that as the Westside evolves, and the community and cost of living changes, we have tools to keep people in place. We are currently doing a review of national best practices around policies and programs that could be advanced here, and we will be having community conversations around this topic in the coming month.
The Nellis Air Force Base takes advantage of Park & Ride for our local soldiers. Where will a Park & Ride be located in the Historic Westside?
The City will continue evaluating transit options to serve the Historic Westside in coordination with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. There is no plan currently for an additional Park & Ride, but options will be considered as development occurs and demand for transit increases over time.
Where is the tourism component of the plan?
The first steps of implementation are truly about supporting local community, understanding that if the efforts are community supported, and are unique to the community, others are likely to come. However, encouraging broader visitation will certainly be a part of each project roll-out. Additionally, efforts to establish the Historic Westside African American Museum and Theatre will serve as a significant draw to the community. Additional elements like the market hall, the potential redevelopment of the Moulin Rouge, and events and activations on Jackson Ave. also have the potential to be larger draws to the Historic Westside.