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Rafael Rivera Neighborhood Plan

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About The Plan

The city of Las Vegas has launched a community engagement and outreach effort in a targeted area of Ward 3 known as the Rafael Rivera neighborhood. The engagement effort will empower the community to determine the future of the neighborhood.

The plan will explore the neighborhood’s needs and support a healthy and prosperous environment going forward. The city will support the neighborhood’s vision by providing the tools and investments needed to help the community thrive, while also exploring safeguards to gentrification and displacement.

The city is currently seeking input from residents, businesses and visitors to the area in an effort to support this community planning process. Please take a short survey to share your thoughts on what the future of this neighborhood should be. Your input will result in action. As we learn from the community, we’ll talk about specific things we can do together to support our neighbors.

Previous Plans

Previous planning efforts have helped to define the needs in the study area, and identify improvements desired in the public realm. This planning effort will expand the scope of focus to include social, economic and physical programs to support the neighbors.

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