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Apr 18, 2019

The Planning Commission will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 23. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda. 

Agenda Items 10 & 11 – Single-Family Residential Subdivision at Craig Road and Buffalo Drive.: The applicant is proposing to develop a 19-lot single-family residential subdivision on 3.81 acres at the southeast corner of Craig Road and Buffalo Drive. Staff recommends approval on the General Plan amendment and Rezoning experience.

Agenda Item 13 – Removal of Existing Landscape Along Leon Avenue and La Concha Road: This is a request to remove existing landscaping along Leon Avenue, north of Iron Mountain Road, and portions of La Concha Road, between Bradley Road and N. Jones Blvd. Staff recommends approval.

Agenda Item 14 – Raised Sign at 1604 W. Oakey Blvd.: The applicant is requesting the height of an existing Off-Premise Sign at 1604 W. Oakey Blvd. to be raised from 63 feet to 83 feet. The height proposed exceeds the height limitation set forth by Title Staff recommends approval.

Agenda Items 16-18 – Convenience Store at Ann Road and Rainbow Boulevard: The applicant is proposing to construct a new 2,985 square-foot convenience store with fuel pumps and canopy; and two, 8,400 square-foot commercial buildings at the northeast corner of Ann Road and Rainbow Boulevard. Staff recommends denial on the following requests:

  • Special Use Permit to allow beer/wine/cooler off-sale in a Limited Commercial zone
  • Variance to allow a 25-foot residential adjacency setback where 70 is required
  • Waivers to allow landscape buffers that do not meet requirements
  • Waiver to not orient the buildings to the corner
  • Exception to allow no parking lot landscape islands where required

Agenda Item 19 – Retail Buildings near Rainbow Boulevard and Ann Road: The applicant has proposed to construct two, 8,400 square-foot single-story general retail buildings adjacent to Rainbow Boulevard, approximately 85 feet north of Ann Road.Staff recommends approval on the Waiver to allow a zero-foot landscape buffer where eight feet is required along the eastern perimeter due to an existing access easement for an active well.

Agenda Items 20-23 – Residential Townhouse Development near Alexander Road and Hualapai Way : The applicant is proposing to construct a 124-unit residential townhouse development, over three parcels south of Alexander Road, on the east side of Hualapai Way. Staff recommends denial on the following requests:

  • Variances on a private gated street and parking spaces that do not meet the requirements
  • Site Development Plan Review
  • Tentative Map

Agenda Items 24&25 – 8311 Farm Road: The applicant is proposing a General Plan Amendment for 8311 Farm Road. The proposal includes designating the 1.50-acre subject site SC (Service Commercial), and Rezoning the site to C-1 (Limited Commercial). Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Items 28&29 – 5445 N. Rainbow Blvd.: The applicant is requesting to change the future land use designation and rezone 1.06 undeveloped acres at 5445 North Rainbow Boulevard. Staff recommends approval of the change in land use designation from Desert Rural to Service Commercial as well as the Rezoning request from Residence Estates to Limited Commercial.

Agenda Items 45-50 – Commercial Center at Elkhorn Road and Hualapai Way : The applicant is proposing to construct an 18,500 square-foot commercial center on undeveloped land at the southeast corner of Elkhorn Road and Hualapai Way as part of a larger project that includes low density single-family residential lots. Staff recommends denial on the following requests:

  • General Plan Amendment to Service Commercial
  • Rezoning to Limited Commercial
  • Special Use Permits for liquor and beer/wine/cooler off-sale
  • Tentative Map
  • Waiver to allow buildings not to be oriented to the corner and street frontages where required
  • Wavers for landscape buffer requirements
  • Exception to allow less than the required amount of parking lot trees

Agenda Items 57-59 – Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary: The applicant is proposing to add a new 1,500 square-foot building to an existing bird sanctuary at 8103 Racel Street. Staff recommends denial on the following requests:

  • Variance to allow 38 parking stalls where 94 is required
  • Variance to not install the required off-site improvements

Agenda Item 62 – East Las Vegas Library: The applicant is proposing to erect a 16-foot tall illuminated freestanding sign along the south side of Bonanza Road, west of Wardelle Street. The sign will feature a 48 square-foot double-faced animated LED display with 24-hour on-premise marketing content. Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Item 64 – Torah Learning Center at 9590 W. Sahara Ave.: This is a request for a two-story, 5,675 building addition for an existing House of Worship in a shopping center at 9590 W. Sahara Ave. Staff recommends approval.

Agenda Item 65 – Permissible Uses Addition to Minimum Special Use Permit Requirements: This is a request to amend LVMC Title 19.12 Permissible Uses to amend the Multi-Family Residential use to add a non-waivable Minimum Special Use Permit Requirement that will permit the use in commercial zones only in conjunction with a Mixed-Use development. Staff recommends approval.

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