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Apr 01, 2019

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, April 3. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda here.

Agenda Item 12 – Las Vegas Days Rodeo: A fund request in the amount of $220,000 was approved by the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial at the Jan. 28, 2019 Board meeting for the production expenses related to the 2019 Las Vegas Days Rodeo. Per the operating agreement with the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial, any funding over $100,000 must have council ratification. Since council approved, the Plaza Hotel and Casino will receive this funding to produce the rodeo at CORE Arena this May. Learn more. 

Agenda Item 25 – Refurbishment of Vintage Motel Signs on East Fremont Street: In 2018, the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial awarded a grant to the city for restoration and maintenance of the historic neon signs on East Fremont Street generally located between Eighth and 14th streets in the Historic Motel District. On Feb. 6, 2019, City Council approved the Neon Sign Maintenance Agreement between the city and Downton Project (DTP) for maintenance of the restored signs. This project provides refurbishment services for up to seven vintage motel signs on East Fremont Street. This project is funded by the remaining Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial grant funds. The Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial, in cooperation with the city attorneys and the DTP, conducted the evaluation and selection of Federal Heath Sign Company. Council approved the selection so now the company can begin the restoration process.

Agenda Item 34 – Renewable Electric Retail  Power: At the March 6 meeting, City Council approved items that directed staff to initiate negotiations for a renewable energy agreement with NV Energy and participate in the Nevada Green Rider 2.0 program as well as to negotiate an agreement for the purchase of renewable energy with a company selected under RFP 190017-JH Energy Provider Services (Tenaska Power Services). Representatives from NV Energy and Tenaska Power Services were scheduled to share their respective program proposals. However, Tenaska Power Services withdrew its application for a program proposal at 9 a.m. April 3; as a result, this item was stricken. The city will continue to work with NV Energy on renewable energy programs. 

Agenda Item 35 – Update from Clark County School District: The Clark County School District (CCSD) Act (AB 469) requires the School Associate Superintendent to provide a report in person, not less than quarterly, to the governing body of each city and county. The presentation on various CCSD matters will be made by Lorna James-Cervantes, CCSD School Associate Superintendents and Mr. Derek Fialkiewicz, Principal of Lied STEM Academy. The presentation included the legislative session, Focus 2024 plan and CCSD goals. 

Agenda Item 36 & 46 – Community Resilience Framework: City Council has previously adopted sustainability resolutions including the Strategy for Community Resilience, Net-Zero Energy, and Sustainability (R-32-2017). Given past events that have caused shocks and stresses to the city’s economy, environment and the community at large, the City and University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) have entered into discussions on ways both entities can support each other on matters of resilience and the ability of the region to recover and function. Council approved a partnership between the city and UNLV to create a Chief Resilience Officer to lead a collaborative discussion with regional stakeholders to develop and implement a community resilience framework.

Agenda Item 37 – Water Conservation Efforts: Because drought conditions across the American West have resulted in reduced elevations of Colorado River water in Lake Mead, Southern Nevada’s primary source of municipal water supplies, additional steps must be taken to conserve water resources. Learn about the steps the city has taken to conserve water.

Agenda Item 41 – Fiscal Year 2020 Tentative Budget: City Council will discuss and review the recommended Fiscal Year 2020  Tentative Budget for the city and Redevelopment Agency as well as provide feedback and guidance relative to council priorities, appropriation spending levels, resource allocations and reserve requirements.

Addendum –Employment Agreement with City Manager: The city entered into an employment agreement with Scott D. Adams, as City Manager, on May 17, 2017. Per Section 2, Term, Subsection D, in the event written notice is not given by either party to this agreement to the other ninety (90) prior the termination date as provided, the agreement shall be extended on the same terms and conditions provided for an additional period of two years. This item allows council to review the agreement and decide to renew, with or without modifications, or not renew. They voted to not automatically renew the contract and to seek a renegotiation.