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Aug 19, 2019

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, Aug.  21. 

Agenda Item 12 – Republic Rate Adjustments: If approved, this would clarify the process by which it is permitted to request a rate adjustment for unforeseen economic circumstances. This amendment makes it clear that City Council must consider and approve any request by Republic for a rate adjustment for unforeseen economic circumstances and that if approved, such increase can be updated on the city’s website. APPROVED

Agenda Item 53 – Citywide Comprehensive Strategic Plan: In January 2018, the City Council convened a strategic planning session to identify the highest priority areas and to refocus city resources, plans and activities towards these priority areas. City Council developed the following six themes: Iconic Las Vegas, Workforce Development, Smart Vegas, At-Risk Populations, Neighborhood Preservation/Quality of Life and Public Safety. Accomplishments for each priority theme will be presented. APPROVED 

Agenda Item 54 – Las Vegas Medical District: An update on the Medical District was presented.

Agenda Item 55 – Las Vegas Medical District: At the Aug. 7 City Council meeting, two developers presented proposals for the design and implementation of a 1,092-acre master plan in the northwest in the Upper Las Vegas Wash. City Council voted selected the Olympia Companies as the developer of this area. They have also designed Skye Canyon and Southern Highlands.