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Feb 06, 2020

Come inside for dance classes and arts & crafts or step outside and enjoy the weather in our parks. No matter what we’ve got you covered. We have lots of opportunities to get out and discover the fun. 


We offer ballet classes for all ages at community centers throughout the valley. Four classes are generally offered for $15-$20 but pricing can vary by location. Kids can start ballet classes at two years old; active seniors 50+ can take part in Boomer Ballet at the Centennial Hills Active Adult Center in the northwest.

Learn more about boomer ballet here

Go to activities.lasvegasnevada.gov and select the “performing arts” category to see all classes for kids and adults or select “active adults” to see the offerings for ages 50+. 

Arts and Crafts

We offer arts and crafts classes for all ages. Join our Picassos classes for ages 3 to 5 and 6 to 10 at the Cimarron Rose Community Center. Or active adults 50+ can take part in painting and watercolor or ceramics classes.

Learn more about the Jr. Picasso's art class at Cimarron Rose Community Center to create 3D paper sculptures here. 

Go to activities.lasvegasnevada.gov and select the “visual arts” category to see all of the arts and crafts classes we offer.

Sports Sampler

Not sure which sport to enroll your child in? The Sports Sampler class is a great place to start! Available for ages 2-3 and 3-5, your child can explore a new sport each week in the class to help you determine which one they like best. A month of classes range from $15 to $20.

Go to activities.lasvegasnevada.gov and select the “sports” category and scroll down to see all of the sports sampler classes.

Hula/Yoga/Tai Chi Classes

Active adults 50+ can sign up for a variety of fitness classes. Hot hula is offered Mondays and Wednesdays at the East Las Vegas Community Center. Yoga is offered weekly at the Lieburn and Doolittle senior centers. Tai Chi is also offered weekly at Lieburn. 

Go to activities.lasvegasnevada.gov and select the “active adults” category to see all of the classes we offers for ages 50+. 

English As A Second Language Class

Seniors 50+ can learn English at a special class at the Derfelt Senior Center inside Lorenzi Park located near Washington and Rancho. The class is on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon and is only $10 for four weeks of classes. Sign up here

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