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Jul 16, 2019

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, July 17, at 9 a.m. at City Hall, 495 S. Main St. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda here. Watch a replay at kclv.tv/live.

Agenda Item 52 – Neighborhood Partners Fund: The Neighborhood Partners Fund (NPF) Program was designed to encourage neighborhoods to take an active role in improving the quality of life in the city by enhancing the physical, public safety, cultural, recreational or educational conditions of a neighborhood. The program grants up to $5,000 to registered neighborhood groups (neighborhood associations and HOAs). This year, the NPF board recommends that City Council approve the funding for 17 neighborhood projects totaling $67,457.47 which will leverage a community match of $114,253 in volunteer labor, in-kind donations of goods and services and/or financial contributions. APPROVED

Agenda Item 55 – HOV Lanes: This resolution, proposed by Councilman Anthony, expresses the City Council's (1) opposition to 24/7 enforcement of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on Interstate 15 and U.S. Route 95 in the city and (2) support for returning to peak-hour enforcement of HOV lanes. Because the hours for HOV-lane enforcement are set by the Nevada Department of Transportation, this resolution also requests that the Board of Directors discusses and considers such changes to the hours of HOV-lane enforcement at its next regularly scheduled meeting. If approved, this resolution would be delivered to the Nevada State Transportation Board of Directors. APPROVED 

Agenda Item 56 – Downtown Las Vegas Open Spaces and Trails Plan: If approved, this resolution will formally adopt the Downtown Las Vegas Open Space and Trails Plan, which provides a strategic approach to establishing new opportunities for open space, trails and amenities that link and help maximize the city’s existing downtown open space and recreational facilities. The plan is a response to direction provided in the Vision 2045 Downtown Las Vegas Master Plan to create a “greener downtown” by calling for additional parks, plazas, and urban trails. APPROVED

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