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Oct 21, 2019

Members of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue and other community partners were recently awarded for excellence. Here are some of the awards:


This award is indicative of outstanding performance in the area of public service. Dustin is being recognized for the foresight, planning, and execution of procedures for an extremely unusual situation under the most difficult of adverse conditions at Red Rock Canyon.

RONALD KLINE MERITORIOUS CONDUCT AWARD. The Meritorious Conduct Award may be presented to any member of Las Vegas Fire/Rescue for acts of distinction and leadership beyond the performance of his or her normal duties.  The winners are:

In the fall of 2018 Alex Healey was tasked with the herculean effort in the successful transition to the new Imagetrend patient care record system. Alex worked diligently with various interests to create an Electronic Patient Care Report system that was functional, intuitive, and met the needs of all whom were vested in the project.

In October 2018 Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Senior Fire Investigator Sharisse Olsen, Fire Prevention Inspection Supervisor Gregory Crawford and Code Enforcement Supervisor Elizabeth Byrne of the city’s Department of Planning/Code Enforcement Division came together and formed what is known as a “Dangerous Buildings Task Force.” Its mission is to seek out dangerous buildings in the city. In the past year the task force identified approximately 30 buildings in residential neighborhoods for demolition or restoration.

During the past year a group was formed to address cardiac arrests, the Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Working Group (CAWG). Under Collin Sears and Paul Aldridge’s leadership, the CAWG has defined the standardized, best practice approach that LVFR will be delivering to all cardiac arrest victims. This historic, work will undoubtedly save hundreds of lives in the future.


This award shall be presented to a community partner member for providing exceptional service to Las Vegas Fire / Rescue or assistance in the performance of duties. The winners are:

On June 20, 2019,  a person who was attending an event at the Las Vegas Ball Park suddenly went into cardiac arrest. A unit from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue was assigned to respond to the emergency medical incident as well as Medic West. As the man went into cardiac arrest, three members of the Henderson Fire Department were nearby and witnessed the incident. They immediately went to the man and started CPR. These three individuals, ANTHONY ROBONE, JAKE WILSON and NATHAN ROOT helped save a life.


The Community Service Award may be presented to members of Las Vegas Fire / Rescue who have donated their personal time and/or services to the community unrelated to the normal performance of their duties. The winners are:

Last Thanksgiving, Rescue 43 responded to a medical emergency. While the crew provided aid to the victim, they noticed that the family could not afford to have a proper Thanksgiving meal. After seeing this, ANDREW PATAI ordered and payed for an entire meal and hand delivered it to the family later that day.

Since joining Fire Prevention Division a few years ago, Paola Pisani has been a tremendous asset. Last December, Paola arranged to provide Christmas dinner and presents to two less fortunate families, financing a lot of it from her own pocket. She has also been a huge part of the department’s “Alarming Vegas” smoke alarm program. 

Mr. Rex Verley and Nextgen have provided financial and logistical support for many of the Risk Reduction initiatives over the past few years including:

  • A financial donation to assist in the restoration of the Fire Safety House.
  • Participation in Fire Safety Day at Indian Hills Apartment Community.
  • Helped organize the first ever Pizza Hut delivery night in support of “Alarming Vegas” program.
  • Provided free fire extinguishers for all families who agreed to have their smoke alarm coverage evaluated.
  • Assisted nearly 20 high-risk families in the Las Vegas community with free smoke alarm installations.


This award shall be presented to members of Las Vegas Fire / Rescue who performed their regular duties that have resulted in an EMS Pre-Hospital Save. The winners are:

On Sept. 6, 2018, Station 103 was dispatched to a reported cardiac arrest call. When they arrived, dispatch was giving effective instruction to the patient’s family over the phone on how to administer CPR.

The crew was able to take over compressions, administer the appropriate electrical and drug therapy, and maintain an airway. The team of RYAN FLOOD, SCOTT SEMMENS, JOY SAGER, JASON SALMON, COLTON WOOD and ISAIAH GONZALES provided high quality of care before the patient was taken to the hospital.

On Oct. 19, 2018, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue responded to a patient going into respiratory arrest. Because of the actions of BRETT SCHAEFER, ANDREW CROWE, JAROD BARTO, ZACHERY YEOMAN, TIMOTHY VELASQUES and DUSTIN KNUTSON the patient was expected to make a full recovery.

On Feb. 8, 2019, three off-duty Las Vegas firefighters responded to a bystander’s call for help and provided life-saving compressions to a male in cardiac arrest in the lodge at Lee Canyon Ski Area and applied the defibrillation pads to the victim’s chest. JASON VELAZQUEZ, COREY CASTILLO and ALFRED BELLUOMINI, Jr. provided life-saving actions. 

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