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Mar 18, 2019

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, March 20,  Get the agenda here. Watch the recording of the meeting here.

Agenda Item 11 – Royal Links Golf Course: In 1997, the city sold Assessor’s Parcels to the Golf Club of Illinois, Inc. for the development of the Royal Links golf course. The golf course was purchased by SGGOAKS Royal Links, LLC in 2016. The city received an unsolicited proposal from the a representative SGGOAKS Royal Links to pay the city $9,258,085 as consideration for amending the subject to conditions contained in the Grant, Bargain, and Sale deed. The changes to the conditions will allow other land uses on a portion of the current golf course. Land uses will be restricted to, by way of example, open space, parks, roadways and utilities corridors. The city will negotiate an agreement to amend the conditions in the Grant, Bargain, and Sale deed, and said agreement shall terminate on December 21, 2020, if the company is unable to sell the development to a developer. The changes to the deed are subject to approval by the City Attorney. APPROVED.

Agenda Item 17 – $100,000 for the Lead Hazard Control & Healthy Homes Programs: The city receives funding for Lead Hazard Control Program that allows for the abatement of Lead Hazards in homes built prior to 1978 for families that meet qualifications. These funds currently do not cover the repair of other Healthy Home hazards including, inoperable air conditioning or heating units, missing windows or door locks and electrical and fire hazards. If approved, the $100,000 will be used for the repair of the Healthy Home issues. The goal of the program is to provide healthy housing solutions and improve homes that previously contained lead-based paint hazards to ensure that they are safe for families and children. APPROVED.

Agenda Item 18 – Huntridge Circle Park: The six month Memorandum of Understanding will allow developer J. Dapper  to assist with the reuse of the park including technical feasibility, financial analysis and urban planning activities. The scope of project will include developing design concepts for a children’s and sculpture park; a business plan to identify construction and installation cost estimates for the project; identifying public-private partnership opportunities for the long-term operation of project; raise funding to purchase and install city approved playground equipment/turf and incur all financial obligations associated with the research, planning and development of this project. READ MORE ABOUT THE PROPOSED PROJECT HERE. APPROVED.

Agenda Items 46, 50 & 51 – Ward 2 Vacancy: On March 4, 2019, Steve Seroka submitted his resignation as the Ward 2 Councilman. City Council will discuss the method which shall be used to fill the vacancy. Per City Charter Section 1.160, 

The City Council approved the below option. 

Declared by resolution a Special Election to fill the vacancy as allowed for in NRS Chapter 268.325, to coincide with the General Election. The proposed resolution establishes the date of Tuesday, June 11, 2019, for the Special Election and provides a proposed timeline and additional details regarding the election. Stay tuned to lasvegasnevada.gov/elections

Agenda Item 49 – Permanent Closure of Shetland Road at Alta Drive: Mayor Pro Tem Lois Tarkanian received a petition from residents to permanently close Shetland Road at the intersection of Alta Drive; Shetland Road is a public street and serves as a reasonable means of ingress and egress to the neighborhood. Based on traffic volume and crash history, the Transportation Engineering Division found no indication of excessive cut- through traffic or traffic safety issues that would be remedied by permanently closing Shetland Road at Alta Drive. Staff sent out surveys to a total of 131 residents and received 70 responses. Of those responses, 71% (50) do not support the closure and 29% (20) do support the closure. On August 23, 2018, the Traffic and Parking Commission unanimously recommended denial of the closure. POSTPONED TO APRIL 3

Agenda Item 56 – Social Use Venues (Eligible for Adoption): If adopted at this meeting, this bill will adopt provisions establishing a business license category and land use regulations for social use venues (marijuana), together with accompanying requirements and limitations. The bill includes items recommended by the sponsor, Councilman Bob Coffin, and city staff. It also takes into account input from interested parties that was received during and after workshops that were held on the subject. POSTPONED TO APRIL 17.