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Feb 28, 2019

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, March 6. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda here. 

Agenda Item 12 – Renewable Energy Agreement: The city is a recognized global leader in sustainability for meeting 100% of its retail electricity load with renewable energy, while realizing cost savings exceeding $5 million annually. Agreements for renewable energy are set to expire in 2019. On June 20, 2018, City Council directed staff to evaluate all reasonable options to continue receiving 100 percent of its energy from renewable resources and further reduce costs.

On Nov. 16, 2018, NV Energy filed an application with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) for authority to implement the NGR 2.0 Tariff to allow eligible bundled service customers to voluntarily contract with the electric utility to increase use of, and reliance on, renewable energy at current market-based fixed prices, providing opportunities for savings in energy costs.

City Council approved to authorize the city manager to negotiate an agreement for the purchase of energy with NV Energy and take all necessary actions required to implement the NV GreenEnergy 2.0 Rider Tariff. A subsequent agenda item will be brought before the City Council for review and approval.

Agenda Item 16 – Abandoned Properties and Vacant Lots in West Las Vegas: The city anticipates utilizing United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds in an amount not to exceed $500,000 for the purchase of vacant land and abandoned lots for future economic and housing development in the historical west Las Vegas community. These are not new funds; they will be reallocated from projects that did not spend funds in a timely manner, or in accordance with federal requirements.

City Council approved the identification and purchase of properties that are vacant and in disrepair and that create safety and health problems to the area and to its residents and that are characterized as abandoned nuisances will serve as the foundation for redevelopment efforts in the area and will promote the ultimate goal of attracting families and new businesses in and around historical west Las Vegas community.

Agenda Item 22 – Tenaska Power Services: The city is a recognized global leader in sustainability for meeting 100% of its retail electricityload with renewable energy while realizing cost savings exceeding $5 million annually.Agreements for renewable energy will expire in 2019. On June 20, 2018, the City Councildirected staff to evaluate options to continue receiving 100% of its energy from renewableresources while further reducing energy costs. Staff issued a Request for Proposals andevaluated a number of competitive proposals

Tenaska, an Omaha, Nebraska based company,submitted the leading proposal to meet the 100% renewable energy requirement, whilepotentially further reducing the cost of energy for the city. Final pricing and contract terms aredependent on the outcome of the NRS 704B process. City Council approved to authorize the CityManager to enter into a Letter of Intent with Tenaska, to take all necessary actions requiredunder NRS 704B and as required by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, and tonegotiate an agreement with Tenaska. Once a final agreement is negotiated to provide RetailServices, a subsequent agenda item will be brought before the City Council for review andapprova

Agenda Item 35 – AmeriCorps VISTAS: The city received a grant from AmeriCorps VISTAS in the amount of $26,386.09 for 10 VISTA members that will support Marijuana Youth Educational Campaign, Workforce Development, Home Visits, Veteran and Service Member Suicide Prevention/ Mental Health and Neighborhood Revitalization. The AmeriCorps VISTAS investment of $26,386.09 will be matched with city funding in the amount of $12,311. The project period and the budget period are for a one-year period of time, based on AmeriCorps VISTAS Grant Award from the Corporation. City Council accepted the grant and agreed to match funds.

Agenda Item 36 – Veterans Services Initiative: The Office of Community Services currently implements or supports a variety of veterans-focused programming including Built for Zero (veterans homelessness) and Operation Deep Dive (suicide prevention). City Council approved a Veterans Services Initiative that will be launched to ensure effective and coordinated veterans services citywide. It will convene key stakeholders, facilitate efficient service deliver and align operational strategies across departments to execute veteran related services in furtherance of citywide strategic priorities.

Agenda Item 41 – Neighborhood Revitalization and Empowerment Programming: The city manager provided information on specific neighborhood revitalization and programming accomplishments in 2018 and present neighborhood programming and outreach goals for 2019 in response to priorities and concerns addressed by the City Council. 

Agenda Item 44 – Federal Employee City Residents: On Dec. 18, 2018 the United States Government began a partial shutdown of certain departments and agencies which lasted 35 days. There are a number of city residents that are federal employees that could be affected by future shutdowns. City Council approved the resolution which authorizes the city manager to establish a program for the deferral of residential city sewer charges and either the deferral or the waiver of certain fees related to the city's recreational and Safekey program in the event of future shutdowns. 

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