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May 09, 2019

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, May 15. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda here. 

Agenda Item 6 – “The City of Las Vegas, The Early Years”: City Council will recognize the new documentary chronicling the formative years of the city. Learn more. 

Agenda Item 13 – $1,500,000 of HOME Investment Partnerships Program Grant Funds and Low Income Housing Trust Funds: The Affordable Housing Development Review Committee received an application for HOME and LIHTF funds in the amount of $1,500.000. The committee recommended this project for funding. This project would provide the rehabilitation of 125 units of affordable housing for seniors. Approved. 

Agenda Item 14 – Community Health Improvement Plan: On Oct. 4, 2017 City Council approved award of Contract No. 180031-SK in the annual amount of $60,000 for a Social Response Management Solution that integrates with the 911 dispatch program to provide services and outreach for non-emergency issues. On April 18, 2018 City Council approved award of Contract Modification No. 1 to expand the services and increase the annual amount to $500,000. Cost for these services is sponsored through a State of Nevada grant, and due to the success of the program the state has allocated additional funding for the city to increase the services of Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) to respond as a member of a Mental Health Crisis Team. City Council approved this modification which increases the annual amount by $250,000 bringing the annual not-to-exceed amount to $750,000.

Agenda Item 16 – Neon Museum Operations: The city desires to make a general operating support grant to assist the Neon Museum to maintain the overall excellence of the Neon Museum Campus. City Council approved; $2,200,000 will be available.

Agenda Item 45– Emerging Issues: The City Manager will update council on emerging issues that may have an impact on the city; this will be a recurring item for every meeting; if there are no items for the particular meeting, the City Manager will recommend that the item be stricken.

Agenda Item 46– Southern Nevada Plan to End Youth Homelessness: The city has been an integral part of the Joint Decision Making Team, the interdisciplinary group charged with shaping a plan to address youth homelessness. In November 2017, the community came together for the inaugural Southern Nevada Youth Homelessness Summit which heightened the sense of urgency and provided an opportunity for local organizations and community members to collectively address the unique needs of this youth population; it served as a kickoff to the Movement to End Youth Homelessness in Southern Nevada, an initiative to build a focused, sustained, community-wide effort to end youth homelessness in the region. Staff will provide a report on the plan and City Council voted to support the plan and on the following next steps:

  • Adopt a plan to further incorporate into the city’s own planning process and other initiatives
  • Continue to support public-private partnerships and other alignment opportunities
  • Sustain participation in implementation committees. 

View the full plan.

Agenda Item 47– High Occupancy Vehicles: At the April 17 City Council meeting, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) gave a presentation to the City Council on their upcoming plans for the HOV system in southern Nevada. In particular, they announced that the HOV lanes would soon be restricted to 24 hours a day/7 days a week for vehicles with two or more passengers with limited exceptions. This change in operation generated numerous questions related to federal, state and local laws associated with the establishment of HOV lanes and a request for staff to bring this item back for further discussion. Staff provided a report on findings related to laws and policy associated with HOV lanes and provide additional information. NDOT committed the following to address council's concerns:

  • To collect HOV and General Purpose lane system metrics to determine if the data justifies continuation of the 24/7 HOV operation.
  • To commit to a three-year trial period and if the data does not support 24/7 operation after that period, they would consider switching back to "part-time" operations like previously existed. 

Agenda Item 48– Report on the 80th Session of the Nevada Legislature: Staff will give an update regarding the 2019 (80th) Session of the Nevada Legislature.

Agenda Item 49– FY 2019-2020 Action Plan: In order to receive federal and state funds for housing, homeless and community development activities, the city must submit an Action Plan to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) no later than June 24, 2019. Staff will present the draft which outlines activities that will be undertaken for the period of July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. No project may commit and/or expend any funds prior to compliance and final notification. Awards will be changed proportionately if there is an increase or decrease in funding amounts.

Agenda Item 50– Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS: The city anticipates utilizing $1,712,967 of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HOPWA Funds for FY 2019-2020 and shall complete all HUD-required Environmental Reviews. No project may commit and/or expend any funds prior to compliance and final notification.

Agenda Item 52– Allocation of $3,360,191 for Affordable Housing: The city anticipates receiving $2,019,021 in Fiscal Year 2019-2020 federal HOME funds in addition to receiving its annual allocation of HOME and LIHTF funds from the Nevada Housing Division as follows, $378,001 in State HOME funds and $963,169 in State LIHTF funds. Total funds available to create, improve, and preserve affordable housing is $3,360,191. In response to a Request for Applications, the city received an application for the new construction of Desert Oasis II Senior Apartments. The application was reviewed by the Affordable Housing Review Committee and was recommended for funding. The city shall complete all HUD-required Environmental Reviews; no project may commit and/or expend any funds prior to compliance with and final notification.

Agenda Item 53– Allocation of $3,360,191 in Community Development Block Grant Funds: The city anticipates utilizing $5,074,650 of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) CDBG Funds for FY2019-2020. The city shall complete all HUD-required Environmental Reviews; No project may commit and/or expend any funds prior to compliance and final notification.

Agenda Item 54– Read Whipple Cultural Center: City Council approved the lease of the property to The Neon Museum and proposed improvements including the existing theater space, office space, pottery studio, dance studio and ancillary facilities. Term is for three years with an option to renew for twenty seven years; annual rent is one dollar per year.

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