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Oct 07, 2019

The Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m.. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda. Watch live at kclv.tv/live.

Agenda Item 15 – 638 9th St.: This is a request to construct an eight-unit apartment building that does not meet the minimum parking and landscaping requirements at 638 9th Street. Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Items 20 to 23 – Sandhill Road and Spino Avenue: This is a request to develop the subject parcel with a 28-unit Multi-Family Residential development located at the southeast corner of Sandhill Road and Spino Avenue. Staff supports the General Plan Amendment and Rezoning requests but recommends denial on the parking variance and Site Development Plan Review.

Agenda Items 24 & 25 – 8311 Farm Road: This is a request for a Site Development Plan Review (SDR-77276) to convert an existing single-family detached dwelling into a proposed 6,179 square-foot Banquet Facility development on 1.50 acres located at 8311 Farm Road. Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Items 30 & 31 – DTLV Right-of-Way: The applicant is requesting a Petition to Vacate a portion of a 20-foot wide public right-ofway (alleyway) segment bound by Fremont Street, Carson Avenue, 13th Street and 14th Street. Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Item 37 – 1211 S. 3rd St.: This is a request to allow a 34-story, 513-unit high rise Mixed-Use development located at 1211 S. 3rd St. Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Item 37 – Public Hearing on Marijuana Dispensary Requirements: This is a request to amend LVMC Title 19.12.070 by amending the Minimum Special Use Permit Requirements for a Marijuana Dispensary to add minimum distance separation requirements of 1500 feet from a Non-restricted Gaming Establishment and 1000 feet from another Marijuana Dispensary. It would clarify that the minimum distance separation requirement between Marijuana Dispensaries shall apply to all dispensary locations regardless of the jurisdiction in which they are located. It would also add a requirement for a survey of the applicable uses and separation buffers as part of the Special Use Permit application submittal. Staff has no recommendation. 

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