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Oct 23, 2019

The city is continually working to improve the well-being of all people living in our community. Our planning team is constantly looking for ways to make the city safer as well as more resilient, equitable and prosperous.

Here are ways we are strengthening the community, boosting the economy, expanding opportunities and promoting equitable development:

Master Plan

Cities in Nevada are required to develop a master plan to guide future decisions about their physical development. Master plans identify current issues and needs in the community, and set forth goals, policies and actions to address issues. They also contain specific functional areas that address many different and complex aspects of urban and suburban development including conservation, historic preservation, housing, land use, public facilities and services, recreation and open space, safety and transportation.

Our 2050 Master Plan is currently being developed and will bee guided by the a vision for the city to be a leader is resilient, healthy cities, leveraging the pioneering innovative spirit of our residents to provide equitable services, education and jobs. Learn more about the plan and its goals.

Form-Based Code Districts

We are aligning development and projects across the city into different districts. There are currently 12 in the downtown area including the Las Vegas Medical District and 18b Las Vegas Arts District. These were created to develop an innovative set of standards that will promote development in each area in a way that is best suited for that district’s goals. In the end, we hope to have 12 aesthetically pleasant, pedestrian and bicycle-friendly and environmentally sound areas. Learn more and share your feedback.


Our carbon footprint is the size today that it was in 1950. Since 2006, we have completed more than six megawatts of solar generation, replaced 52,000 streetlights with LED lighting, added more than 450 miles of bike lanes and deployed recycling programs at all city facilities. These energy efficiency efforts save the taxpayers five million dollars annually as well as have led to a positive effect in the community. Learn more.

Open Spaces

Parks and outdoor space are key components to our community; they provide physical and mental health benefits and can bring a sense of community pride. We have more than 80 parks, pools and sports complexes with more on the way. We also have 104 miles of trails as well as 26 miles of equestrian and equestrian/pedestrian shared trails. Additionally, a Downtown Civic Space and Trails Plan was recently adopted in order to create a greener downtown.


We are working closely with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada to make transit options easily accessible between homes, jobs and services. There are multiple park and ride lots that are incorporated into the suburbs throughout the valley such as the Centennial Hills Transit Center in the northwest.

We are also focusing on building complete streets that serve the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and public transportation. Complete Streets feature wider sidewalks, bike lanes, additional landscaping and trees, crosswalks, signals and additional lighting that makes our roadways safer and more beautiful. Main Street and ongoing projects on Fremont and Third streets downtown are examples of complete streets projects.

For more information on Planning or to get involved with the Master Plan process visitwww.lasvegasnevada.gov/planning.

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