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Sep 22, 2022

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, Sept. 21. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. View the full agenda and watch a recroding.

Agenda Item 10 – Toni’s House Grant: City Council approved a grant agreement with Toni’s House, Inc., 1410 N. Tonopah Drive, in an amount not-to-exceed $150,000 for the services of direct housing support, education, outreach, and services referral to reduce homelessness in Las Vegas. Toni’s House offers below market value, affordable housing with a capacity of ten people at the women’s house and eight people at the men’s house. Using money from this grant, Toni’s House will be able to fund one bed at each house for homeless individuals at no cost. Participants must agree to the program’s house rules and guidelines after a brief intake process. Toni’s House will support them with basic material needs (food, clothing, personal hygiene supplies, etc.) and with the proprietary ‘recovery program’. The program includes training, education, an assigned Mentor from the Toni’s House team for ongoing support and accountability, and access to a licensed therapist. This holistic set of services will allow individuals to seek employment and address any underlying issues affecting their long-term housing security. After individual residents are financially secure (estimating this will take up to 90 days) or after 90 days, should they choose to continue to live at Toni’s House, the program is developed to require them to pay rent so that the next homeless individual can move in rentfree, and the opportunity can impact as many people as possible within the program’s overall capacity. Residents are required to sign a housing agreement.

Agenda Item 21 – Emergency Ambulance Service: City Council approved a contract with Mercy, Inc. DBA American Medical Response for emergency ambulance service during peak hours in heavy response areas throughout the city.

Agenda Item 27 – Arches View Deck: City Council approved an agreement with The Stratosphere for the acquisition of various real property rights needed for construction and maintenance of a pedestrian view deck area for the Las Vegas Boulevard Arches to be located at 2121 South Las Vegas Boulevard and 2045 South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Agenda Item 36 – American Rescue Plan Act Funds: City Council approved the allocation of remaining fund balance, totaling up to $9,400,000, allocated to the city under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), to recommend beneficiaries, sub-recipients and programs, and to give the City Manager authorization to negotiate and execute documents related to the award of funds, and reallocate any remaining ARPA funds and interest earnings to previously approved projects and/or programs. The city has been awarded $130.6 million in Coronavirus State and Local Government Fiscal Recovery Funds (Fiscal Recovery Funds) under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA). The City Council previously approved the City’s funding-use strategy and accepted an award and allocation of funds, totaling up to $121,070,000, to be used on focus areas such as nonprofits providing services to the Las Vegas community, affordable housing, business assistance and continued pandemic response to create pathways to recovery from the public health emergency. The remaining fund balance will be used to fund projects and programs in accordance with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Final Rule for ARPA Fiscal Recovery Fund. ARPA application award recipients are contingent upon successful execution of individual contracts.

Agenda Item 37 – Cannabis Consumption Lounges: City Council voted to opt-in of the State’s process for the licensure of cannabis consumption lounges pursuant to the letter dated September 1, 2022 from the Executive Director of the State of Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. In 2021, the Nevada Legislature passed AB 341, authorizing the CCB to license cannabis consumption lounges in Nevada. This is the first step in the process. A city ordinance will be introduced in the future.

Agenda Item 54 – Civic Plaza: City Council approved a request for a proposed six-story, 182,901 square-foot office building and urban plaza on 2.57 acres at the northeast corner of Main Street and Bonneville Avenue.

Agenda Item 57 – Get Outdoors Nevada Report: Report by Steve Ford, Director, Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, Rachel Bergren, Executive Director of Get Outdoors Nevada, and Almendra Johnson, Volunteer Program Director on the volunteer activities at the Las Vegas Healing Garden, located at 1015 South Casino Center Boulevard, and the Volunteer in Parks program, which is an engagement program of volunteers in parks throughout the City of Las Vegas parks system.

Agenda Item 58 – Master Plan 2050 Report: Report by Seth Floyd, Director of Community Development, regarding the implementation of the City of Las Vegas 2050 Master Plan. 

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