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Sep 19, 2019

The Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 24. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the agenda. 

Agenda Items 16 to 25 – Shopping Center at Centennial Center Boulevard and US 95.: The applicant is proposing to construct a 33,470 square-foot shopping center and a 445- unit Mini-Storage Facility on a 5.86-acre parcel located on the northwest corner of Centennial Center Boulevard and the US95 on and off ramp. Staff recommends denial on all requests.

Agenda Item 26 – 2816 Mason Ave.: The applicant is proposing a 740 square-foot Accessory Structure (Class II) [Garage] to be built in the front yard area of an existing single family residence located at 2816 Mason Ave. In addition to being in front of the primary residence, the proposed garage also encroaches into the front yard setback area. Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Item 27 – 4901 E. Bonanza Road: The applicant is requesting a Variance to allow an existing 12-foot tall perimeter wall which includes chain link, barbed, and concertina wire. Staff recommends denial.

Agenda Item 27 – 3524 Saint Aiden St.: The applicant is requesting a Special Use Permit to allow a Community Residence use at 3524 Saint Aiden St. Staff recommends denial.