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Nov 12, 2019

In this episode, we talk about the future of our parks and recreation program. Communications Director David Riggleman introduces listeners to our new Parks and Recreation Director Greg Weitzel and talks about some of the priorities he has for the department. 

Greg previously served as the parks director for two major municipalities in Idaho and Pennsylvania and is a proud graduate of Penn State.  “Whether you are eight or 80, there is something for you,” Greg Weitzel said of the city's recreation programming. He is an enthusiastic leader for our parks department that saw 5.3 million visitors across our 80+ parks and community centers last year. 

Here are three things we heard on the podcast. 

Five New/Upgraded Park Facilities Will Be Available This Winter  

Residents can look forward to a new pool, upgrades to an existing dog park, a new park on the west side of town and more. Read more about them here.


Kids love video games but it is challenging to program content that gets them out and being social. New e-sports tournaments in our rec centers is something we will offer in the years to come.

Getting Kids Connected To The Great Outdoors 

With an emphasis on technology in today's world, kids often lack a connection with nature. More programming in the future will be designed to get the kids in our community out and about even during the heat of the summer.

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