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QAA Items

2018 Quality Assurance Agency Items Description

QAA Items Description
A Amusement Rides per the City of Las Vegas Amusement and Transportation Rides code, including but not limited to Construction inspection and testing, Operation and maintenance inspection and testing, and Non-destructive testing
C Concrete Construction (IBC Table 1705.3)
E Exterior insulation and finish system and/or architectural components: periodic special inspection is required during the erection and fastening of exterior cladding, interior and exterior nonbearing walls and interior and exterior veneer in structures in Seismic Design Category D, E, or F. (IBC)
F Sprayed fire resistan materials (2012 IBC Section 1705.13 or 2018 IBC Section 1705.14) and/or mastic and intumescent fire-resistant coatings (2012 IBC Section 1705.14 or 2018 IBC Section 1705.15)
G Soils, helical pile foundations, rock retaining walls (rock placement, rock size, footing, embedment, drainage, backfill, compaction, filter fabric, batter, slope and other items specified by engineer of record), rammed earth walls and similar construction. (IBC and Southern Nevada Amendments)
H Alternate materials and methods of construction or unusual design applications of materials described in the IBC Section 1705.1.1
M Masonry Level B Quality Assurance (2012 IBC:in Risk Category I, II, III & IV)or Level 2 Quality Assurance (2018 IBC: in Risk Category I, II, III) or Masonry Level C (2012 IBC) or Level 3 (2018 IBC) Quality Assurance (in Risk Catagory IV)
P Driven deep foundation elements. (IBC Table 1705.7)
R Cast-in-place deep foundation elements (per IBC Section 1705.8)
S Steel construction, steel construction other than structural steel and verification of approved fabricator. (IBC , AISC 341 and AISC 360
W Structural wood or pre-fabricated structural wood assemblies. (IBC)
X Special cases, post-installed anchors/rebar (expansion anchors and/or concrete screws and/or anchors/rebar in epoxy and/or mechanical rebar splicing)
Y Fire-resistant penetration and joints (per 2012 IBC Sections 1705.16 or 2018 IBC Section 1705.17)
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