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Hearts4Vegas Touring Exhibition
Mirabelli Community Center, 6200 Hargrove Ave. | March 27-May 27
Durango Hills Community Center, 3521 N. Durango Drive | May 29-August. 31
A traveling healing exhibition of notes, cards, pictures condolences and artwork sent to the city of Las Vegas to comfort all those who suffered heartache and loss form the tragic Oct. 1, 2017 mass shooting event.

Windows on First: “Vibrance”
Featuring the Artwork of Brian Henry

Through Oct. 21, available to view at all times
Artist Talk and Reception Thursday, May 24, 6 to 7 p.m.
Las Vegas City Hall, Windows on First, 495 S. Main Street, along First St. A minimalist nod to the illuminated aesthetics of Las Vegas, Vibrance is a striking engagement with the simplicity of everyday lighting elements re-envisioned in a bold composition. A Las Vegas native and lifelong resident, Henry is best known for his 20+ year career in award winning sign design, creating some of Las Vegas’ most iconic new technology and LED displays as well as his fine artworks which combine sophisticated computer systems and compelling light sources together in an ever-evolving sensory experience. Vibrance is a new series in Henry’s light art explorations, stripping away advanced technologies and relying on the purest qualities of illumination that dynamically transform the windows day and night. 

ጉዞ=Journey III
Featuring the Artwork of Abraham Abebe
Charleston Height Arts Center Gallery | June 28-Sept2

A new exhibit of three-dimensional abstract paintings by Ethiopian artist Abraham Abebe depicting probability, high contrast in life and reflecting the pursuit of identity. The idea of probability fits into all the art works as Abebe uses math equations to define a 50/50 chance through visual forms. In opposition, medical imaging forms of X-Ray, MRI and Ultrasound are used as a conceptual resource to explore our internal body and association to healing process and well-being. The visual representation of the body parts in the painting intended to reflect a therapeutic procedure in the complex layers, colors and surgical interventions.

Celebrating Life! 2018 Winner’s Circle Exhibit
City Hall Chamber Gallery | July 23-September 21
Exhibition of the award winners selected by this year’s juror.

De Chile, Mole y Pozole: Absence of Uniformity
Featuring the Artwork of Brissa Arana
City Hall Grand Gallery | Sept. 6–No

18 Free Gallery Reception: Thursday, Sept. 13 | 4 to 6 p.m.

De Chile, Mole y Pozole offers an eclectic voyage into the mind of Brissa Arana. Brissa is a Mexican-American artist whose love for her Mexican roots motivated her to become a cultural advocate; traveling abroad spreading the richness of her “mestizo” heritage through her sculptures. Acquired over time and personal experiences, her creations are inspired by her cosmogony and a unique sense of self; which can be appreciated in this timeless exhibit.

Tall Tales & Huge Hearts
Featuring the Artwork of Raul Colón
Las Vegas Book Festival Exhibition
Sept. 21-Dec. 1, open Oct. 20 and by appointment
Free and open to the public
Mayor’s Gallery, Historic Fifth Street School, 401 S. Fourth St.
An exhibition of original artwork of artist Raul Colón that opened at the National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature (NCCIL) in the fall of 2012. An award-winning illustrator of over thirty books for children, the industry has recognized Colón with a Golden Kite Award, two Pura Belpré Award, a gold and silver medal from the Society of Illustrators, included twice in the NY Public Library’s 100 titles for Reading and Sharing; and been a two-time recipient of The Tomas Rivera Mexican American Children’s Award. This exhibition, features over eighteen titles from Colón, showcasing artwork from books such as Tomás and the Library Lady (1997), Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburg Pirates (2005), Doña Flor (2005), Angela and the Baby Jesus (2008) and Child of the Civil Rights Movement (2009). Colón uses a unique technique in his artwork to create texture and rich, deep colors. The illustrations done on watercolor paper combine watercolor washes, etching, and the use of colored and litho pencils.

Buttered Soul w/Cheese
Featuring the Artwork of Dray
West Las Vegas Arts Center Gallery | Sept22-Dec. 1

Free Gallery Reception: Saturday, September 29 | 2 to 5 p.m.

A nostalgic interpretation of an era on canvas using mixed mediums. Inspired by 70s soul music, movies and fashions. Dray is primarily a self-taught painter, born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif. His work is influenced by abstract expressionism and street art.

Visions II – Native American Exhibition
Sept. 27-Nov. 21; 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; closed weekends and holidays.
City Hall Grand Gallery | September 6–November 18
Free and open to the public.
City Hall Chamber Gallery, 495 S. Main St., second floor.
This exhibit features artwork by Native American artists to highlight their heritage.

On The Horizon
Featuring the Artwork of Etty Yaniv
Charleston Height Arts Center Gallery | Oct. 4-Jan. 5, 2019

In her recent installation works, Yaniv draws on patterns from nature and images from daily life, altogether forming hybrid landscapes that blur the line between the real and the imagined, the organic and the artificial, the chaotic and the orderly. The multiple layers of repurposed materials reflect her preoccupation with ephemeral materials—recycled, torn, stacked, manipulated—alluding to obsolescence, ecology, and transience.

Her process begins by integrating discarded materials, such as hundreds of torn-paper and cut-plastic pieces, which normally do not go together, but throughout this process, transform and create new meanings. Assembling these two-dimensional fragments into three-dimensional compositions involves building and taking off, covering and uncovering, marking fresh paper and scavenging recycled material, which includes scraps of her drawings, ink marks and fragments of photos from my daily experiences. Like coded messages or excavated memories, the accumulated fragments in each layer document a particular moment in time and present new clues. Only up-close viewers may discover the hidden content underneath.
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