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ReInvent After-School Program

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We are excited to introduce the ReInvent After-School Program (RAP). The no-cost RAP, funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, offers students a broad array of support services and activities before and after school. RAP is designed to reinforce and complement in-school curriculum through providing activities that promote student success. The seven RAP sites will provide academic growth opportunities and enrichment activities, along with family engagement programming. Enrollment is limited. Attendance requirements will apply. 

RAP will be offered at the following elementary schools:

  • Arturo Cambeiro Elementary School, 2851 East Harris Ave.
  • Ollie Detwiler Elementary School, 1960 Ferrell St.
  • Doris Hancock Elementary School, 1661 Lindell Road
  • J.T. McWilliams Elementary School, 1315 Hiawatha Road
  • Vail Pittman Elementary School, 6333 Fargo Ave.
  • Red Rock Elementary School, 408 Upland Blvd.
  • Rose Warren Elementary School, 6451 Brandywine Way

RAP registration opens July 26, 2021.

Registration will be online and new families may create an account and register by accessing the new registration portal below.

Families who already have an account (accounts created for Safekey may be used to enroll in RAP) may log in to their online account and register by accessing the Family Portal below. Families should click on the Registration tab in their online account and must select the specific school that their child will be attending.

New Registration Portal

Family Portal (for account updates)

RAP Resources

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