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Education-ReInvent Schools

ReInvent Schools Las Vegas was launched by the city of Las Vegas in collaboration with the Clark County School District to improve outcomes for the Las Vegas community. ReInvent Schools utilizes the National Community Schools model in which public schools partner with families and community organizations to provide well-rounded educational opportunities and supports for students’ school success. Through this model, ReInvent Schools is committed to providing academic enrichment, expanded and extended learning opportunities, integrated student supports and family and community engagement.  

Student outcome data is collected to monitor the effectiveness of services and interventions. Regular data reports track progress and outcomes related to priorities and goals. The program currently serves 14 underserved elementary schools in the city. Selected schools had a two-star or lower rating, a 75 percent or higher free and reduced lunch rating and are located in the city of Las Vegas jurisdiction.  

ReInvent Schools is currently in its fifth year and we have seen the program grow. It utilizes AmeriCorps members who meet critical needs in their community focusing their service on education as success mentors. Programming, such as Mindful Movements through trauma recover yoga, school gardens support, community engagement and healthcare events, has helped to transform our schools to become hubs in their communities. It is with this combined effort of schools, families and community partners that the shared vision of student and school success are achieved.

As a joint effort to reduce chronic absenteeism rates during COVID, ReInvent Schools and the AmeriCorps VISTA program have been working together to create the Chronic Absenteeism Pilot Program. The ReInvent Schools team, AmeriCorps community navigators and AmeriCorps VISTAs have been diligently collaborating with school administration, staff, teachers and a caseload of 25 students to achieve a target reduction of 10 percent in chronic absenteeism rates through a virtual attendance mentor/monitor, research-based approach. In only five weeks of virtual student meetings, where conversations range from checking in on the student's well-being, to favorite cartoons and video games, the team has noticed he following: improvements in students' energy levels, increased academic engagement, completion of missing assignments, attending sessions and staying online during the entire duration of live learning sessions. Through virtual high fives, knuckle punches and in-person visits, the community navigators and AmeriCorps VISTA have built supportive relationships with the students where they feel empowered, noticed and cared for during an incredibly challenging time in their educational journey.

In addition to the current 14 schools, the program will be adding two additional schools in partnership with UNLV focused on bilingualism, STEAM fields that include health sciences, social emotional development and integrated health services. This initiative is supported by University of Nevada, Las Vegas faculty, students and staff across colleges that include the College of Education, School of Medicine and School of Dental Medicine, as well as community partners within the city of Las Vegas. These two schools will be added in the 2021-2022 school year. 

There are currently 14 ReInvent Schools

ReInvent After-School Program

The free ReInvent After-School Program is funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, and offers students a broad array of support services and activities before- and after-school. The program is designed to reinforce and complement in-school curriculum through providing activities that promote student success. The seven sites will provide academic growth opportunities and enrichment activities, along with family engagement programming. Enrollment is limited. Attendance requirements will apply. Additional information