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Parking FAQs

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Are there any special parking programs?
Occasionally the Parking Services Division may run special programs. One of those programs is Toys for Tickets. Any driver issued a non-public safety parking ticket in the city of Las Vegas may choose to resolve the ticket by providing a non-violent, unwrapped toy of equal or greater value than the ticket fine, to the Parking Services Office. To participate, drivers must bring the parking ticket, the unwrapped toy as well as a receipt for the toy. The eligible dates of this program will vary and will be listed as the program is approved.
Does the city offer charging stations for electric vehicles?

The City Hall  garage, 500 S. Main St., has 15 electric charging station spaces on the first floor.  

The City Parkway garage, 350 S. City Pkwy., has 25 charging stations between the first and second level.  

The Promenade garage, 355 Promenade Place, has 26 charging stations between the first and second level.

How can I use the “pay by plate” parking meters if I have a temporary tag?
Enter the last five digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN number).
How do I get an immobilization unit (boot) removed?
All citations associated with the vehicle that has been immobilized must be paid in full, including a $75 fee, before the

unit will be removed. You have the right to appeal only the validity of the vehicle’s placement on the immobilization eligibility list. All fees must be paid in full for the unit to be removed while you await the hearing. The hearing officer will only be deciding whether or not the vehicle in question was eligible for immobilization. If the hearing officer decides for your case, you will be refunded the $75 fee. 

A vehicle may be immobilized by either a standard wheel boot, or a Barnacle windshield unit.  The Barnacle will allow self-service payment via Credit/Debit card, and the driver will have 48 hours to return the device to the drop-off location in order to avoid an additional $75 charge for non-return compliance.  If the Barnacle is still not returned after 72 hours, you may be charged with a crime.
If the vehicle was immobilized with a standard wheel boot, you will be required to visit the office to pay in cash, certified funds or credit card from the cardholder. No personal or business checks are accepted.

If your car has been towed as a result of immobilization unit and payment is subsequently made, parking services will provide the tow company the release notification to allow you to get the car from the impound yard. Proof of ownership, current registration or a temporary moving permit will be required by the tow yard in order to release the vehicle along with the letter from parking services.