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Municipal Elections

For answers to election questions that are not specific to city of Las Vegas City Council or Judicial seats, please refer to the Clark County Election Department Website  or call 702-455-VOTE.

Election workers are hired and trained by the Clark County Election Department (CCED).  The city of Las Vegas is not involved in the process.  You must contact CCED at 702-455-2815 or email ElectionVolunteers@ClarkCountyNV.gov.

Due to the passage of AB 50 during the 80th (2019) Session of the Nevada Legislature, the next city of Las Vegas Municipal Election will be held in 2024 with future elections held at two-year intervals, in even years, thereafter. 


With the extended term expirations that AB50 passage granted to elected officials taking  office in 2017 and 2019, the city of Las Vegas Municipal Seats that will be up for election in 2024 are:

  • Mayor’s Seat
  • Council Seat - Ward 1
  • Council Seat - Ward 3
  • Council Seat - Ward 5
  • Judicial Seat - Dept. 2
  • Judicial Seat - Dept. 3
  • Judicial Seat - Dept. 5

Verifying/Registering to Vote

Am I registered to vote?

Verify your voter registration status as active by contacting the Clark County Election Department at 702-455-VOTE (8683).

You can also check online at the Secretary of State’s Office at RegisterToVoteNV.gov.  

Where can I register to Vote?

Online: If you have a Nevada Driver’s License or State Issued Identification Card, the State of Nevada has created an online page where you can register to vote. You can also use this portal to update your address, change your party and more RegisterToVoteNV.gov.

In Person: Any Department of Motor Vehicles Office, or any Nevada State Welfare Agency or WIC Office.

City of Las Vegas
Office of the City Clerk
495 S. Main St., 2nd Floor

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Clark County Election Department
965 Trade Drive, Suite A
North Las Vegas, NV

Clark County Election Department Office
Clark County Government Center, First Floor, Suite 1113
500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas

Mail Ballot Voting

Starting in 2022, Nevada will have all-mail ballot elections. In person voting options will still be available too.  All active voters who registered to vote no later than 14 days before Election Day will receive a mail ballot, unless they opt-out.

To opt out of receiving a mail ballot, you must submit an online or printed “Mail Ballot Preference Form.” You may also use the form to opt in again or request to vote by mail only in specific elections. To electronically submit your mail ballot preferences online, login to the Secretary of State’s “Registered Voter Services” at www.nvsos.gov/votersearch. A printable form is also available.  The Election Department must receive the printed or online electronic “Mail Ballot Preference Form” no later than 60 days before Election Day.


The city of Las Vegas was incorporated on June 1, 1911, and until 1944, operated under a "commission" form of government with each commissioner having administrative control over certain operating departments of the city. Since Jan. 1, 1944, the city of Las Vegas has operated under what is commonly known as a "council/manager" form of government. This form of government was approved by a vote of the people with subsequent Las Vegas City Charter adoption by the Legislature.

Until 1975, the voters of the city elected the mayor and four city councilmen. A vote of the people in June of 1973 approved a City Charter amendment dividing the city into four wards. This allowed the mayor to be elected at large and each councilman to be elected by the voters of his or her own ward. The City Charter amendment was subsequently adopted by the Legislature with the first election by ward held in 1975. The elected officials chose to use the title "commissioner" until 1983 when a new City Charter approved by the Legislature changed their title to "councilman."

The citizens elect the mayor, six council members who comprise the City Council, and six Municipal Court Judges. Terms for the Mayor and Council are four years, with elections staggered every two years, with staggered six-year terms for the Municipal Court Judges.

Electronic Sample Ballots

You may choose to receive an electronic sample ballot by e-mail instead of a paper one sent through the post office.  This will help save County taxpayer dollars by reducing printing, paper, and mailing costs. Log in to "Registered Voter Services" and click on "Request my Sample Ballot Electronically (Go Green)" from the dropdown menu.  After we receive your request, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.  Please be aware that Nevada law requires that the e-mail address of anyone who requests an electronic sample ballot be kept CONFIDENTIAL and may not be given to third parties (NRS 293.558).  If you have any questions, please call the Clark County Election Department at (702) 455-VOTE (8683) or send an e-mail to elinfo@clarkcountynv.gov.


The mayor serves as a member of the City Council, presides as chairperson over its meetings, performs ceremonial duties and is the chief executive officer of the city. The mayor serves as the official representative of the people in all matters and officially signs enactments of the City Council. One of the council members is elected by the City Council to serve as mayor pro tempore to act during the absence of the mayor.

City Council

The City Council, including the mayor, is the governing body of the city and exercises legislative power by enacting ordinances, resolutions, orders and other policies necessary for the management and execution of the powers vested in the city through the City Charter. Among other things, the City Council is empowered to:

  • Appoint the city manager and approve the appointment by the manager of the department heads, their assistants and other city staff.
  • Adopt an annual budget.
  • Act as the Redevelopment Agency.
  • Enact and provide for the enforcement of all laws and ordinances.
  • May acquire, sell and lease buildings and property.
  • Enter into contracts, agreements, franchises, etc.
  • License and regulate all businesses, trades and professions.
  • Organize, regulate and maintain a fire department.
  • Protect the public health.
  • Enact and enforce building and safety codes.
  • Provide for the zoning, subdivision and use of private land and buildings.
  • Provide for traffic control.
  • Provide for the abatement, prevention and removal of nuisances.
  • Establish and appoint citizens to serve on city of Las Vegas boards - Planning Commission, Civil Service Board, Arts Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, to name just a few.
  • Also, members of the City Council serve on various boards - Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Regional Transportation Commission, Regional Flood Control, District Board of Health, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Police Committee on Fiscal Affairs, etc.

Municipal Court Judges

A single Municipal Court judge presided until 1969 when the City Commission appointed an additional judge for Department 2. In 1975, by ordinance, Department 3 was established with Department 4 being added in 1977. To further serve our growing community, the City Council created Departments 5 and 6 in 1989 and 1991 respectively.

The citizens elect the judges at large by department number. Each judge presides over his or her respective department. In 2001, the Nevada State Legislature increased the judicial terms from four to six years.

The qualifications for Municipal Court judge are:

  • Shall devote full time to the duties of his or her office.
  • Duly licensed member in good standing of the State Bar of Nevada.
  • Never have been removed or retired from any judicial office by the Commission on Judicial Discipline.
  • Qualified elector who has resided within the city for a period of not less than 30 days immediately before the last day for filing a declaration for candidacy.
  • Voted upon by the registered voters of the city at large.


Nevada Revised Statutes sections 293C.3572, 293C.361 and 293.740 govern campaigning and electioneering. The rules are the same for PRIVATE property for early voting and Election Day: 

PRIVATE PROPERTY (Malls, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, etc.):

If the early voting or Election Day Voter Center is located on private property, no one may electioneer on the owner’s property without the owner’s permission (NRS 293C.3572).

PUBLIC PROPERTY (Government Buildings, Libraries, Schools, etc.):

Early Voting - No one may electioneer within 100 feet of the entrance to the building or structure in which a polling place is located (NRS 293.740)

Election Day Voting – No one may electioneer within 100 feet of the entrance to the building or structure in which a polling place is located.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I live in the city of Las Vegas city limits? (Having “Las Vegas” in your mailing address does not guarantee it!)

Check quickly using our Find Your Ward service

Am I registered to vote?

Verify your voter registration status by contacting the Clark County Election Department at

702-455-VOTE (8683), or verify online by clicking RegisterToVoteNV.gov.

Where can I find historical information on previous elections?

The city of Las Vegas maintains a database where you can search by election year, specific seat race or candidate name.  See the Election Records Search by clicking here.

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