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Business Incentives

Tax Incentives
Visual Improvement Program
City Incentives
Business Security Grant
Downtown Business Assistance

Downtown Business Assistance


Provides business owners with project coordination assistance and/or financial aid when undertaking remodel work within existing buildings required to satisfy certain building, fire and life safety code requirements within the city’s Redevelopment Areas. Redevelopment projects may be eligible for limited financial reimbursement ($50,000 maximum) from the city for qualifying improvements. Applications for program funding are required before any work is started. The program funding is limited each year, and reimbursement funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. View the Program Manual for more information
Business Security Grant

Business Security Grant

The city of Las Vegas has paused on accepting applications on this grant as of March 27, 2023.

Businesses in the city of Las Vegas are eligible to apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to reimburse costs of improving security at their location. Those interested in the Business Security Program can find an application and additional details at

The new program provides financial assistance for securing buildings by adding fencing, security cameras or other security measures. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, with a total cap of $1 million for the program.

In order to qualify, properties must be located in the city of Las Vegas, and be within a qualified census tract. See Map that shows the locations of qualifying census tracts, which include 1.03, 1.06, 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 2.01, 2.03, 3.01, 3.02, 4.01, 4.02, 4.03, 5.10, 5.13, 5.14, 5.15, 5.16, 5.18, 5.19, 5.20, 5.21, 5.22, 5.23, 5.24, 5.25, 5.27, 5.28, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14.01, 14.02, 22.01, 22.03, 22.04, 31.02, 34.20, 34.27, 34.28, 34.30, 34.31, 35 and 79.

Additionally the business must be zoned commercial, industrial or mixed-use operations. To qualify, businesses must have been in operation since Dec. 1, 2019. Finally, properties with multiple retail tenants and/or vacant storefronts will be limited to one grant per storefront.

Ineligible properties include single-family residential and multi-family residential properties not part of a larger mixed-use development and businesses that hold non-restricted gaming licenses (restaurants may qualify).   

Retail Downtown Las Vegas

Retail Downtown Las Vegas


The Retail Downtown Las Vegas Program assists retailers with finding locations and aids developers, commercial brokers and property owners with recruiting high-quality retail tenants in the city’s core.

For more information about the program and/or to set up an introductory meeting, please email Julie Quisenberry jquisenberry@LasVegasNevada.GOV.

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) provides rebate incentives for key infrastructure costs for retail., hotel, mixed-use and high-rise residential projects located within the city of Las Vegas Redevelopment Areas 1 and 2. Offered by the Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency.

Expenditures qualifying for TIF rebates may include street construction, gutters, water lines, storm drainage facilities, traffic signals, paving, sidewalks, flood control improvements, utilities and other infrastructure costs. To determine the tax increment for a specific project, the RDA assesses the current property value before any development begins. As the project progresses the property value naturally increases, creating additional property tax – this increase is the tax increment for the project. A portion of the individual project’s tax increment can be rebated annually to the property developer for qualified construction expenditures. Please view the TIF Application document.

New Markets Tax Credits

New Markets Tax Credits


The New Markets Tax Credits program assists with approximately 20 percent of a project’s expense and enables a developer to receive low-cost, flexible financing. To qualify, a project must be located in and benefit a low-income community census tract (determined by the U.S. Treasury). The city is interested in assisting owner-occupied commercial real estate projects, particularly those involving manufacturing, mixed-use, education and health care. A typical project cost would total between $5 and $15 million. For more information view this brochure.
Residential Interior And Exterior

Residential Interior And Exterior


This program provides qualifying property owners with financial assistance for substantial rehabilitation and renovation of multifamily residential properties, substantial upgrades to properties that have changed ownership and conversion of office/retail/industrial properties to multifamily residential located in the city’s redevelopment areas. This program addresses both interior and exterior improvements.

Property Requirements:

  • Located within one of the city’s Redevelopment Areas in tax districts 203, 204, 207, 212, 213 or 214.
  • Zoned for commercial, industrial or mixed-use operations.
  • Free of all mechanics’ liens.
  • Properties with more than four units for rent within the same building or property footprint.
  • Owner must invest a minimum of $20,000 per unit of overall project costs.
  • Only existing multifamily residential properties, existing mixed-use properties or existing commercial buildings being converted to multifamily residential (either solely or as a mixed-use project) are eligible.

View the Program Booklet and Appliction. For more information, please email Eric Bordenave at ebordenave@LasVegasNevada.GOV.

Program Details

Program Details


The Visual Improvement Program offers qualifying business owners within the city’s redevelopment areas a rebate of 50 percent for the pre-approved costs involved in substantially upgrading the exterior appearance of their establishment and bringing it up to current building and property code standards (up to a maximum of $25,000). Final authorization requires approval by the Las Vegas City Council.

Interior work will not qualify. Improvements may be made to signs, building facades and exteriors. Work that qualifies for reimbursement includes painting, extensive cleaning, facade and window repair/replacement, new doorways, lighting, new signage, window tinting, replacing awnings, permanent landscaping, parking lot and rear access improvements and renovations, and exterior security systems. 

View the VIP Program Guide and Application.

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