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Business-Planning& Zoning-CLV-EPLAN

The Electronic Pre­application Conference Request System, CLV EPLAN, system is only fully compatible with Internet Explorer.

Required documents* to upload are:

1. Justification Letter (Describe the nature of the project and/or use, provide development data, identify waivers, anticipated hours of operation, etc., as applicable).
2. Site Plan (to include a site parking analysis), Landscape Plan, Elevations, Floor Plans (Include all dimensional information; for Tentative Maps, include wall elevations).
3. For DDRC AND HPC submittals, please review the appropriate submittal requirement form.

* All submitted items must conform to the city’s File Standards.
If you have any questions prior to submitting your Zoning Application please call 702-229-6301 to speak to a planner. A large portion of the area within the Las Vegas valley falls outside the jurisdiction of the city of Las Vegas. To determine if the subject site is located within the city’s boundaries, you can confirm the parcels jurisdiction by entering the Assessor’s parcel number (APN) below.


To submit thru CLV EPLAN
1. All submittal items must conform to the standards set in the Applicant User Guide
2. Complete the Pre­Application Conference Request Form
3. Setup a CLV EPLAN account from the e­mail received after completing the online form.
4. Upload all drawings and documents related to the Pre­Application request.

NOTE: Pre­Application Conference Request Forms submitted through the CLV EPLAN are not complete until required documents have been uploaded and the applicant has clicked on "Complete Request" within CLV EPLAN. If you need assistance with submitting your plans and documents electronically please call 702-229-­6301 to speak to a planner.



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