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Master Plan

This is your plan, please share your thoughts. (Survey coming soon)

Get up close with the master plan.

As the city grows, we plan for where will people live, work and play, while ensuring preservation.
Moving people and goods is essential and future infrastructure and services must be accounted for.
Ensuring our region boasts a competitive economy that is diverse and makes use of new technologies.
We love our city and want to make sure it remains a world-class community.

About the Plan

Cities in Nevada are required to develop a master plan to guide future decisions about their physical development. Master plans identify current issues and needs in the community, and set forth goals, policies and actions to address issues. They also contain specific functional areas that address many different and complex aspects of urban and suburban development,including

  • Conservation
  • Historic Preservation
  • Housing
  • Land Use
  • Public Facilities and Services
  • Recreation and Open Space
  • Safety
  • Transportation

The city’s current 2020 Master Plan, adopted in 2000 and updated periodically over the following decade, sought to address the challenges of rapid growth and transformation during the 2000s and 2010s. Since many of the goals and policies from that plan were achieved, it is now time to plan how our community will look in the future. The master plan team is made up of the city of Las Vegas, and the Smith Group and includes an executive steering committee and a citizens advisory committee.

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