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Foreclosure Assistance

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Homeowners facing foreclosure can be connected to a local Housing and Urban Development Department approved counseling agency at www.homeagainnevada.gov.

Foreclosure Prevention Resources 

Foreclosure Registry

On June 15, 2017, the Las Vegas City Council passed the changes to Vacant Foreclosed Property Ordinance (Ordinance No. 6169)to include all abandoned, vacant, or foreclosed properties to require an annual registration to protect residential and commercial areas from blight resulting from the foreclosure crisis and unmaintained properties. Program Details


  • Registration Fee: $200
  • Registration Update Fee: $50

How to Register

  • Please visit www.registerproperties.com to register a vacant property in foreclosure or to update the management and ownership information on a registered home.
In the event a property has been sold or a change in title has occurred, the mortgagee must provide the new ownership information by submitting proof of sale or written notification to the city of Las Vegas, Code Enforcement Division. Failure to provide contact information for new ownership will result in responsibility remaining with the current owner/mortgagee until Clark County Records reflect new ownership information.

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