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Sewer Line Warranty

Did you know...

…that it’s the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain and repair the sewer lines between the sewer main and the home? Many homeowners are unaware that these lines are subjected to the same elements that cause public lines to fail – root invasion, ground shifting, fluctuating temperatures, age, and more.

And unfortunately, it can be expensive. Repair costs for broken, leaking or clogged lines can be between $1,300 to upwards of $4,000 – an unexpected cost that can be hard on a budget.


The city of Las Vegas and Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) offer an affordable Service Line Warranty Program. This program gives homeowners an optional solution that provides warranty coverage to repair private lines when they fail.

SLWA is an A+ rated BBB Accredited Business and has helped more than 100,000 homeowners across the U.S. save more than $64 million dollars in repair costs. And now we’re offering two new plans:

Interior Plumbing and Drainage Coverage: Repair or replacement of blocked or leaking interior water supply and drainage system pipes that carry fresh or drinkable water and wastewater. Learn more about interior plumbing and drainage coverage.

Water Heater coverage: Repair or replacement of the home's broken or failed electric, natural gas, or propane water heater. Learn more about water heater coverage.

Lastly, the city of Las Vegas and SLWA are looking to help those affected by these tough economic times. Introducing our Goodwill Fund which offers funds to aid residents experiencing financial hardship and in need of emergency repair.

•To apply and learn more about Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

To enroll in a plan, visit us at www.slwofa.com. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 1-844-257-8795.

To make a city sewer bill payment visit our online payment portal.