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Latino Network

495 S. Main St.

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Latino Network of Southern Nevada

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The Latino Network of Southern Nevada was created in September 2013 when a steering committee of Latino community leaders designed and conducted an internet survey that asked Latinos to list five issue areas that are important to the community. The results of the survey were categorized into six key areas: arts and culture; education; health and human services; immigration; jobs and economy; and natural and built environment. Improving educational achievement of Latinos is the primary, “North Star” goal of the network. For more information or to get involved, please call 702-229-6242 or email rsaucedo@lasvegasnevada.gov


The Latino Network of Southern Nevada envisions a Latino community that is well educated, prosperous, healthy and has a strong voice and cultural presence in the community.


The Latino Network of Southern Nevada is a networking forum for Latino leaders, community members and organizations that advocate for issues and policies beneficial to the Latino community, with the primary goal of improving education.


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