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Pizza is a beloved food group, especially in Las Vegas. There are dozens of spots in Vegas from the neighborhood favorites to the places on The Strip.

A new documentary chronicling the formative years of the city of Las Vegas is now playing. 

Things to Do While You Stay Home
3/28/2020 7:00:00 PM
image for Things to Do While You Stay Home

Coronavirus has everyone spending a lot of time at home. What are you supposed to do with all that time? Here are some thoughts for Vegas things to do as you stay home:

Support your favorite restaurants.

Are you craving meals from Vegas restaurants? Vegas Eater has a running list of restaurants expanding delivery and takeout. 

Catch up on television and streaming episodes and documentaries about the city.

To watch videos of The Neon Museum’s signs and exhibits, including features on Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum and “Strings Of Neon,” the Hard Rock Café Guitar restoration documentary, visit the museum’s YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/3a8SUlK. A new documentary chronicling the formative years of the city of Las Vegas is also playing. You can watch via the GoVegas app and on the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms or here. To find the documentary and additional city programming search “GoVegas.”


There are a lot of books about the history of our great city that are a fun read online. Visit  LVCCLD.org to take advantage of the library’s vast collection of digital resources, which are available 24/7. These include downloadable eBooks and audiobooks, as well as streaming music, TV shows, databases, and eResources such as Lynda.comRosetta Stone and Socrates, a new learning tool performs like a video game, with prizes and incentives, as it sharpens math, English language arts and science skills for grades K-8. Multilingual and cross-cultural support is offered as well. 

Have a Vegas movie marathon.

There are a ton of movies that have Vegas ties. Catch “Casino”, “The Hangover,” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” for a triple feature. Brooklyn Bowl created a list if you’re looking for a place to start:


Tour a DTLV museums virtually.

The Neon Museum’s free web-based app enables users to learn about select signs housed in the Boneyard outdoor exhibition space. Anyone with a computer or smartphone data plan can access the app via the website at www.neonmuseum.app and use the password NEON to access it.  

The Mob Museum, The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also has a new mobile app providing the ultimate guide to the Museum for visitors, in-depth education for those seeking more about the history of the Mob and law enforcement, and an innovative, interactive lookalike feature called Doppelgangster.


Color is relaxing and may reduce stress and anxiety. We’ve created a Vegas themed coloring book you can download and print.

Fill Out Your Census Form

Census data is used to allocate federal funding for healthcare, housing, fire departments, natural disaster assistance, education at all levels, highways, public transit, water and waste disposal systems, employment training, wildlife restoration, child abuse prevention, wildfire abatement and so much more. It doesn’t take very long and your participation is necessary in order for us to receive funding. Learn more.

Blue Angel Is Back
3/25/2020 7:00:00 PM
image for Blue Angel Is Back

Thanks to our operations and maintenance team, our historic preservation officer, the Centennial Commission and other community partners, the Blue Angel is once again watching over Las Vegas.

credit_ vintagelasvegas.com (1).png

The 15-foot iconic statue dates back to 1957 and The Blue Angel Motel. It was created by famous Las Vegan Betty Willis, who also designed the Welcome To Las Vegas sign in the 1950s. 

credit_ vintagelasvegas.com (2)-1.png

The motel was demolished in 2015, but the neon sign and statue remained untouched until they were removed for refurbishment in 2017. In March 2020, The Blue Angel was officially returned to the neighborhood that she reigned over for more than 60 years.

credit_ vintagelasvegas.com (3).png

The Blue Angel is a cherished part of our history. She was a waypoint for years and now she will now be a permanent fixture near the five points area of the eastside near where Charleston/Fremont/Eastern intersect. It was the marker for the turnaround point near Charleston and Fremont when young people would cruise Fremont before it was closed to vehicle traffic in the 1990s.

Centennial Grants, funded directly through proceeds from the Centennial license plate have supported many projects in our community from the Mob Museum to the Neon Museum and more. Learn more about the grants that are preserving our city’s history.