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An Update On Our Work To Break The Cycle Of Homelessness In Las Vegas World Homeless Day

Oct 10, 2018

An Update On Our Work To Break The Cycle Of Homelessness In Las Vegas World Homeless Day

More than 6,000 individuals and families in our community lack permanent housing — with 64 percent of our homeless population living on the streets, in encampments, cars or other places not meant for human habitation. We are working with local partners to ensure that all residents can access a safe, permanent location to thrive.

The Corridor Of Hope Courtyard Provides A Starting Point Where Homeless Individuals Can Go To Access Resources In One Place

The Corridor of Hope Courtyard is an ongoing project by the city of Las Vegas with a mission to help aid the homeless by providing services to guide them to a path of self-sufficiency. We are working with service providers, faith groups and other community partners to bring needed services to help our homeless population get off the streets and gain employment, housing and the skills they need to renter society.

Currently, the Courtyard is open seven days a week 24 hours a day at 314 Foremaster Lane. Individuals can get help by calling 702–229–6117 or corridorofhope@lasvegasnevada.gov.

By offering a one-stop shop with access to medical, housing and employment services through a variety partners, the cycle of homelessness can be broken.

11,678 People Have Accessed Services Since August 2017

Since August 2017, the city and service providers at the Courtyard have been assisting in getting homeless off the streets and into housing. Through the Courtyard, the city has connected those in need to mental health providers, legal assistance and job information.

3,697 Individuals Have Stayed Overnight At The Courtyard Since 24/7 Operation Began In July 2018

Anyone who needs a safe place to stay is welcome on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no sobriety test required for entry; five security guards are present 24/7 to keep everyone safe.

The City Has Committed $16 Million To Develop Phase 1 Of The Courtyard

Construction on this $10 million project is set to begin in the first quarter of 2019 and be completed by the end of 2019. The initial phase of the Courtyard opened in 2017 and now the city is moving forward to expand the property. This build-out will result in new buildings with classrooms, an intake center, shower and restroom facilities, and areas for service providers to assist homeless individuals. The Courtyard also will feature a kitchen, mailboxes and a pet kennel.

Help Us Reach Our Goal Of Moving 1,000 People Off The Streets By The End Of 2019

Several projects are planned to help us strategically achieve this goal. You can donate to the Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE  online.

Justice Support Building Once an individual has a criminal conviction, no matter how minor, their past choice will often keep them from finding secure employment and housing. The Justice Support Building will serve as a central hub where homeless clients can solicit free legal advice and have a magistrate judge review their case. To create this legal center, $2.5 million in funding will be needed.
Emergency Housing Fund For anyone who finds them selves unexpectedly without housing, speedy assistance is crucial. A temporary emergency housing fund with $500,000 could make a critical difference in keeping families off the streets.
Medical Clinic A four-story medical clinic will offer critical medical services that can help stabilize anyone suffering from homelessness. This $4 million facility will help homeless clients access medical services they can’t secure elsewhere.
Ticket To Home Program Some homeless individuals have family in other areas of the country that would gladly help them if they could get there. A $100,000 fund will help provide relocation support for 500 individuals experiencing homelessness so they can reconnect with their support network.

Learn more about our work to break the cycle of homelessness, which wouldn’t be possible without the support of our nonprofit partners, at  lasvegasnevada.gov/homeless

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