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Aug 16, 2021

In an effort to join the craft beer movement, prominent in cities all over the country, we have launched Brewery Row in downtown Las Vegas where a natural cluster of craft brewers have already been creating and serving.

Plans for the area include adding “Brewery Row” wayfinding banners in front of the designated business as part of the city’s newly launched district banner program. 

On May 19, the City Council approved a temporary waiver of certain alcoholic beverage license charges for qualifying businesses located in the area designated as Brewery Row. Interested in opening a brewery in this area? Email tchristensen@lasvegasnevada.gov

Breweries & tap rooms officially part of the program are the following:


  • Able Baker Brewing
  • Beer District Brewing
  • CraftHaus Brewery
  • Hop Nuts Brewing Downtown
  • HUDL Brewing Company
  • Nevada Brew Works

In addition Tenaya Creek Brewery and Banger Brewing although not in the incentive area are included.

Tap Rooms

  • Servezah Bottle Shop &  Tap Room
  • The Silver Stamp
  • Three Sheets Craft Brewery Bar

If you are interested in opening a brewery in Brewery Row please contact Tammy Christensen at 702-229-2023 or  tchristensen@lasvegasnevada.gov. 

Brewery Row Map 4-29-21.jpg

Additionally the City Council will hold a vote to potentially create an incentive package for the area, which will encourage more brewers to join. The proposed incentive package to recruit new like business to the area includes an authorization on a temporary basis of the waiver of the liquor license origination charge for qualifying new businesses to be established within the Las Vegas Brewery Row. The council plans to vote on the proposed incentive package in late May.

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