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Aug 21, 2019

City Council previously identified their priorities for the next five years: public safety, iconic spaces, workforce development, smart city applications, at-risk populations and neighborhood preservation. City Manager Scott D. Adams recently presented the citywide strategic plan. Since council requested to have staff schedule more strategic meetings, these may change.

Public Safety: Become the safest, high-profile city.

  • Improve public safety through the effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement, fire, medical and judicial services.
  • Improve the feeling of safety and satisfaction with these entities.
  • Improve safety at city tourist destinations. 

Over the past fiscal year, our Department of Public Safety has received over 20,000 calls for service and Las Vegas Fire & Rescue responded to over 107,000 city incidents. Over the next few years, additional public safety officers will be hired and two new fire stations will be built. 


Report a crime: 702-229-3223

Animal Control: 702-229-6444, option 2

Iconic Las Vegas: Create iconic spaces for residents, visitors and businesses. 

  • Accelerate construction of downtown, Las Vegas Medical District and citywide infrastructure and streetscape amenities to attract development. 
  • Incentivize private investment in underperforming areas to increase housing options and business development. 
  • Create and preserve iconic public spaces including public art, recreation and green spaces.
  • Develop and preserve event facilities. 
  • Increase arts education, awareness and public art within the city. 

Many projects will be completed in the next few years including the Expo Center at World Market, parking garages and residential spaces at Symphony Park, Circa Las Vegas, Downtown Grand Tower, Municipal Court and improvements along 3rd Street. 


Business Incentives



Workforce Development: Prepare the city's workforce for the future. 

  • Support efforts to increase technical and vocational training. 
  • Support higher education or technology-based programs for business attraction.
  • Support the continuum of education from Pre-K through workforce development.
  • Foster business parks and employment centers.
  • Increase the presence of higher education facilities within the city. 

These goals will be achieved via our Strong Start and Connect Home programs, career events and training and education sites. 


Strong Start Academies

Youth Employment Program

Smart Vegas: Become the city of choice to develop Smart City applications. 

  • Increase public-private partnerships to develop a smart city. 
  • Invest in smart city applications for operational efficiencies. 
  • Embrace opportunities for financial and environment sustainability. 
  • Expand innovative technology and connectivity to residents in underserved areas. 
  • Implement virtual platforms to public engagement and service delivery. 

We continue to partner with companies to launch innovative programs and test new technology. We will continue to offer resources to our residents through our website, apps and streaming services. A public wi-fi expansion is planned. 


Smart City

At-Risk Populations: Develop strategic partnerships to address critical issues among at-risk populations. 

  • Address homelessness.
  • Create and improve health care services, mental health and substance abuse services. 
  • Address at-risk youth. 
  • Provide for the expansion of affordable housing. 

We are in the process of constructing a facility for the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center. We have a number of partnerships in place that provide health services and housing services for our homeless residents as well as ones that provide resources for the youth of our community struggling. 


MORE Teams (Multi-disciplinary teams that bring agency resources to homeless residents.): 702-229-6673

Courtyard Homeless Resource Center

Housing Services

Mission High School

The Harbor

Neighborhood Preservation/ Quality of Life: Maintain the highest quality of life. 

  • Provide a level of constituent services in neighborhoods to maintain the highest quality of life.
  • Develop and preserve parks, recreation and open spaces. 
  • Provide revitalization and programming in strategic at-risk neighborhoods. 

A new Master Plan is being developed that will address this priority. We will continue to create new spaces and programs that address the needs of the community as well provide constituent-responsive programs. 


Master Plan


Neighborhood Services