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Dec 14, 2020

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How is the vaccine rollout

Nevada’s vaccine distributionstructure has been updated with the recent Centers for Disease Control andPrevention (CDC) recommendations, and takes into account Nevada’s mortalitydata, to include prioritization for people 70 years and older with frontline essentialworkers, and those 65-69 years, individuals with disabilities, as well aspeople with underlying health conditions with other essential workers. 

Read more about the state of Nevada’s vaccination program here and residents' eligibility for the vaccine here.  

When will other tiers get their vaccines?

Right now, we don't have a timeline but the Southern Nevada Health District anticipates the process picking up steam in the coming weeks and months as we saw with testing the beginning of the pandemic. 

Where can you stay up to date on the vaccine roll out?

The state has an interest form that you can join as an individual or an employer that can be found here

Will kids get vaccinated?

While we are still awaiting an official recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, vaccinations will likely only be available for ages 16 and older. The benefit will be felt by the community if all adults are vaccinated.

Can we stop wearing a mask when we get vaccinated?

No. Until we have enough people vaccinated, safety measures need to be maintained with wearing masks, hand washing and social distancing.

Do you need to be vaccinated if you’ve been infected?

We aren’t sure how long the natural immunity lasts, data suggests about six months. While those previously infected have some degree of protection, the vaccine will give provide longer protection that is important to protect the community.

How many doses are required?

Two doses will be required. When the first dose is given, the second dose will already be available to ensure that there is enough supply when the second dose needs to be given.

The vaccine needs to be stored in a very cold freezer. How many freezers are there throughout the valley?

These types of freezers for the vaccine need to be registered through the state right now to ensure correct handling. UNLV and the Southern Nevada Health District both have freezers and so do several hospitals. There is adequate storage right now.

Will you need to get this vaccine every year like the flu shot?

We don’t know yet. The FDA needs to look at additional data before a plan will be determined.

Will the vaccine make you sick?

About 3% will develop very minor symptoms like a fever and malaise feeling.

What does 2021 look like?

The vaccine appears to be very safe and effective, but until more people are vaccinated, wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing will likely remain in 2021 until community risk is lowered.

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The information provided here is from UMC and the Southern Nevada Health District. UMC Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Luis Medina-Garcia answered community questions about the COVID-19 vaccine with City of Las Vegas Ward 1 Councilman Brian Knudsen. 

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