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Dec 16, 2019

Las Vegas City Council met on Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 9 a.m. Below are some agenda items that may be of interest. Get the full agenda here. 

Agenda Item 15 – Rehabilitation of Apartments at 500 Jefferson Ave.: City Council approved funds in the amount of $336,950 for the rehabilitation of six units of affordable housing.

Agenda Item 16 – Smart City Service Pilot: City Council voted to approve the implementation of Smart City Service in the Downtown Innovation District. Services include public safety and service analytics such as gunshot detection, enhanced facial detection, license plate recognition, glass break, panic scream, wrong way driving detection and crowd counting. This Agreement will continue and enhance services, adding threat detection and advanced analytics sensors and coverage to the Community Healing Garden and to the Showgirls Sign.

Agenda Item 27 – Educational Services at Stupak Community Center: City Council voted to approve a lease with From Dreams to Reality for the right to use classroom space to provide English as a Second Language instruction to residents in the Las Vegas Valley. The term is for one year with options to renew for two additional terms of one year each.

Agenda Item 43 – Historic Westside Leaders Park: City Council voted to approve to approve an Interlocal Agreement between the city and Clark County in which the county will provide funding, not to exceed $3,500,000, for the design and construction of the Historic Westside Leaders Park on the southwest corner of Lake Mead Boulevard and Martin Luther King Boulevard. The city is expected to complete the construction of the park by December 2021.

Agenda Items 49 & 53 – Symphony Park Multifamily Housing: City Council voted to approve on the sale and development of Parcel D in Symphony Park for the construction of two buildings connected with a parking structure that will house a minimum of 400 units of multi-family housing, a minimum of 12,500 square feet of commercial space, parking structure with the appropriate number of spaces and 10,000 square feet of amenity space.

Agenda Item 50 – Comprehensive Annual Financial Report: City Council voted to approve the City of Las Vegas Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019. NRS 354.624 requires an annual audit of the city’s financial statements to be conducted by an independent public accounting firm. It further requires the audit report and the CAFR be presented to the governing body. The audit was conducted by Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kern. The city received an unmodified opinion indicating the basic financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the city.

Agenda Item 51 – Las Vegas Wash Park: City Council voted to approve the suggested name for the Las Vegas Wash Park located at 4480 E. Washington Ave. At the Dec. 3 Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission meeting, the commission unanimously recommended naming the park, East Las Vegas Family Park. The suggestion came from several of the residents that live in the area. The name is a great identifier to the area that includes the East Las Vegas Library and the East Las Vegas Community Center. A vote by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission was unanimous to recommend the name to City Council for review.

Agenda Items 56 & 59 – Bills Eligible for Adoption Scheduled to Move to Jan. 15: Two bills currently on this agenda are scheduled to be moved to Jan. 15, 2020:

- Bill No. 2019-44 that if approved would authorize the Department of Operations & Maintenance to determine and designate hours of cleaning for public sidewalks

- Bill No. 2019-48 that if approved would repeal LVMC 19.16.105, pertaining to the repurposing of certain golf courses and open spaces

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